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Sketchy Sunday 59 photo Sketchy Sunday 59_zpsh4bfc2p4.jpg

Ugh, clothes! I hate clothes. If I could draw penises, I think I'd have everyone in my pictures naked. Clothes are waaaay too complicated. Ugh, the amount of erasing I did on those damn jeans :(

... Mind you, they haven't turned out half-bad. And I am obscenely pleased with my T-shirt sleeves. And my hands! My hands are awesome! :D
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This is not finished...

 photo Sketchy Sunday 57_zpsx5oy2gzr.jpg

(Also, I know this looks a lot like Skinner Sweet from American Vampire, but it's not. Ok? Apologies to Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, nonetheless.)
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Hmmm, I'm having a pretty uninspirational year art-wise :/ Just cannot work up the interest at the minute...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - doodle shapes photo Sketchy Sunday 56a_zpsufnwp1fx.jpg

Doodle-scribble-shape things...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - deer head photo Sketchy Sunday 56b_zpsglnmtuha.jpg

...crappy disembodied deer head (except that it looks more like a cow's head, really, a deer's head is snout-on, not forehead-on >.<)...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - profile person photo Sketchy Sunday 56c_zpsfcuegzvo.jpg

...a depressed, blank profile-person...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - plant & mask photo Sketchy Sunday 56d_zpsk1jsv78u.jpg

...and a plant with some... thing hanging over it.

*le sigh*
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Just the two, I'm afraid. I've gotten badly out of the habit of daily/weekly drawing...

Sketchy Sunday 55 - wolf photo Sketchy Sunday 55A_zpsliqoz2ve.jpg Sketchy Sunday 55 - sword photo Sketchy Sunday 55B_zpspqtc4veu.jpg

The wolf was drawn without reference and yes, I'm aware that the mouth is at an odd angle. The sword is supposed to be made out of one piece of metal - that's handle, crossbar and all. I haven't got the 3D look right, though... eh.
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Yeah, so I finally finish the 2014 diary in July 2015... who says I don't know how to procrastinate?

Sketchy Sunday 53 photo Sketchy Sunday 53_zpshydt5nrd.jpg

And now for my new, blank-paged, not-divided-into-days book:

Sketchy Sunday 54 photo Sketchy Sunday 54_zpsycnrp2br.jpg

This is just to show you how I hope to use the pages. I won't be posting all-pictures-at-once scans like before; the 2014 diary was a slim-line pocket book and this one is A4-size.

Sketchy Sunday 54 - self portrait photo Sketchy Sunday 54A_zpssfpzhjci.jpg

So instead, I'll be posting individual pics as so. Self-portrait! Adapted from an old, old photograph (2005!) which was taken in Madame Tussaud's in London.

And then a dragon and a wyvern, just because:

Sketchy Sunday 54 - small dragon photo Sketchy Sunday 54B_zpsztmglmec.jpg Sketchy Sunday 54 - wyvern photo Sketchy Sunday 54C_zpsp1npb3zc.jpg
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Another .1 sketch. I've had a number of things on my plate these last few months.

Sketchy Sunday 53.1 photo Sketchy Sunday 53.1_zpsxtvejyhz.jpg

I keep finding new things I need to practice! I've had shoes, I've had hands, I've had hair, now I need to work on crotches lol.
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Sketchy Sunday 52 photo Sketchy Sunday 52_zpssjw74x9y.jpg

Just one week left in the diary now!

I dunno what it is about hair; when I initially finished these studies, I thought they looked wretched, but when I come back to them, they're actually pretty decent. Well, except for the plait one, it's still a mess >:P
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Ugh, I've been horribly undisciplined about drawing these last three, four weeks. TV, reading, writing and general laziness got in the way. All I have for week 52 so far is this:

Sketchy Sunday 52.1 photo Sketchy Sunday 52.1_zpsblxbfthq.jpg

Hair practice! When I initially finished this, I wasn't happy with it but looking at it now, it's much better than I thought :)

I am determined to finish this diary!
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As in week 45, I am sorta hovering between marking this as NSFW and not. The original reference was definitely NSFW lol, but I cut it off at waist height...

Eh, better safe than sorry - enter at your own risk><a href= )

I had to make up his head, and her trunk and the hand underneath his arm, since in the original reference they were just a big black shadow. Shadows are the enemy; they hide way too many important things. For instance, I know his wrist and hand are weird, but that part is so drenched in darkness that I'm left to my best guess as how it should look. :(
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Getting there...

Sketchy Sunday 50 photo Sketchy Sunday 50_zpsdf33nzoo.jpg

I can't decide if Mr Man's nose is too big or if his body's too long, but there's something off there. I do like his crotch, though >:)

Also, I need to practice hair...
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Sketchy Sunday 49 photo SketchySunday49_zpsa2363969.jpg

Yeah, I know the limbs and perspective are weird. I really like the way the hands/front paws turned out, though :)
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The working week just eats my drawing time...

Sketchy Sunday 48 photo SketchySunday48_zps01885a7b.jpg

Photobucket's share links still won't let me copy/paste them (>:8) but I found the easy linking mode and that seems to work, so...

Tuesday's woman has been left without irises and pupils because I like her that way, she looks like a classical statue. Also, figure skaters get themselves into some weird positions. Her arms are obscenely long in comparison to her body...
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Damnit. I was going to post a whole string of Sketchy Sundays but Photobucket is being a complete div and I can't copy/paste any of the image links!!! DX< So here are the direct links instead:

Week 43: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday43_zps23be01cb.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6

Every time I draw a guy's lips, they always come out so damn girly. Mind you, the guy in the reference had very girly lips to start with.

Week 44: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday44_zpsdf20bea2.jpg.html?sort=3&o=5

Studies in preparation for a... certain something *mysterious thing is mysterious*

Why is it, that when I go looking for references for certain poses, I can never find exactly what I want? I think I need to hire a pair of life-models to pose for me.

Week 45: Ok, so there is a bit of this which might possibly be considered NSFW, I can't decide. There's no genitalia on show and the atmosphere is sweet rather than sexy, but they are both naked, so I'm erring on the side of caution.

The most definitely SFW stuff first: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday45SFW_zps9e945262.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2

I am well aware that the hand in the hair is grossly out of proportion to the head. I have learned my lesson: if drawing a hand holding something, sketch in that something first before sketching the hand!

And then the I-don't-think-it-is-but-others-might NSFW: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday45possNSFW_zps35bf89bd.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3

I think this may be the cutest thing I've drawn ever. It gives me the warm fuzzies every time I look at it (:) I know he's missing a thumb, btw; unfortunately, I didn't notice it until after I had stuck a piece of sellotape over it, trying to repair a rip in the page, so I couldn't correct it >:(

And with all pieces for Week 45 together: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday45_zps20fc8050.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4

Week 46: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday46_zps7926f5a1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1

You know the trouble with working from references? You end up wanting to do references all the time, and not actually making up stuff yourself. So I tried to avoid references for a while... and it turned out all pathetic *sigh*

Week 47: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday47_zps661e210c.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

The ear studies are not all from reference; I was playing around, seeing if I could make it up, while at the same time surreptitiously studying the ears of my sister, my dad, the people on TV...
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I'm stil 4 weeks behind, but I am trying to catch up!

Week 40:

Sketchy Sunday 40 photo SketchySunday40_zps7ebc3c47.jpg

Re: the woman's shawl/sloppy jacket thing - all the clothing in the original photograph is black, so it blended into one and I couldn't see where the folds were, particularly around that right arm (i.e. the one that's on the left of the picture). And ugh, the time I had getting that hand on her face right, to show that the fingers were bent around the contours of her face, AND to make it look like it's the partner of the one clasping her elbow. I'm still not sure that I got the latter; the one on her elbow looks thicker to me...

Week 41:

Sketchy Sunday 41 photo SketchySunday41_zps702ee592.jpg

Hand studies, working on my foreshortening. I am really pleased with these, particularly the ones on the left, which I think of as my magician's hands. Here they are in the correct orientation:

Sketchy Sunday 41 - magician's hands photo SketchySunday41magicianshands_zps5ecf6026.jpg

Week 42 - and Rhonda's going back to the NSFW, so consider yourselves warned:

Click at your own risk )
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As mentioned earlier, I have fallen badly behind in my doodle diary. I've only completed the weeks of 15-21 and 22-28 September; October is still blank. This was partly down to un-inspiration (is that a word? that should be a word) and partly to laziness (I let myself get distracted by other things - largely TV).

Week 38:

Sketchy Sunday 38 photo SketchySunday38_zps7e0cd0ae.jpg

I'm rather proud of my portrait of Ato Essandoh; it actually looks like him. Still have an issue with zombie eyes when I'm drawing from reference, though :/ As for the second half: trying to explain the concept of love to a woman who's only known sex and slavery is difficult. The title originally went on, "...they only belong to you and you to them," but it was long and awkward and I wasn't happy with it so blah.

Now week 39, I'm splitting in two, because Rhonda actually drew something NSFW! Shock, horror, I know!! Well, not that much shock or horror, it's pretty tame...

Anyway, the SFW half first, for those of you with delicate sensibilities or who are surrounded by folk with delicate sensibilities:

Sketchy Sunday 39 - SFW studies photo SketchySunday39SFW_zpse92ffded.jpg

Just a bunch of quite uninteresting studies.

Aaaaand the NSFW half:The children! Won't someone please think of the children! )

And for those of you who wish to see the two halves together, follow the clicky link at your peril.
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Eh, another week of not being particularly inspired or motivated. I quite like my feathered dragonfly-snake thing though. And yer man's shoes are looking properly shoe-like, so those three weeks of reference-drawing has paid off.

Sketchy Sunday 37 photo SketchySunday37_zps830ce8d9.jpg
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Sketchy Sunday 36 photo SketchySunday36_zps70d69ae2.jpg

I've been sleepy and sluggish all week, so the sketching got somewhat neglected and I doodled a bunch of random flowers instead. Drawing Rarebird again; I really, really need to sort out proportions of head-to-body, I always make my heads too big :(
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Yes, I know it's not Sunday but I can't wait until the end of the week to share these!

Sketchy Sunday Blast from the Past 1 - sharpened photo 38d57193-a5a6-4183-a376-f51f7e4fe0e8_zps501152c1.jpg

Sketchy Sunday Blast from the Past 2 photo Lipsy_zps350a7943.jpg

My sister Amy found these when she was clearing out the cupboards in her room yesterday. Oh man, 2001, thirteen years ago; these pictures have just hit the awkward teenage years. Ok, Ice Crystal has horribly deformed shoulders and upper arms, and he's, ah, rather snug in the crotch area (o.O'). Lipsy, meanwhile, has impossibly tiny feet with insanely long legs, and her bust is set way too low, it's halfway to her belly button lol. I couldn't draw a horse's head face-on, that's why they're both looking awkwardly to one side - they'd have a terrible crick in their necks if they were real.

...Lipsy's shorts are awesome, though. I'm really pleased with the shorts. ^.^
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Well, I did warn you last time that I needed to do a study of shoes...

Sketchy Sunday 33 photo SketchySunday33_zpsee55a22a.jpg

Sketchy Sunday 34 photo SketchySunday34_zps9590890c.jpg

Sketchy Sunday 35 photo SketchySunday35_zps2bdd23e1.jpg

So, yeah, all very boring, I'm afraid (:/ And I can't get the walking/bent foot wrinkles right >:6
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