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To everyone who sent me condolences, sympathies, thoughts, prayers: thank you.

We got the body back a lot quicker than we had expected - the postmortem was waived - and the funeral took place on Friday. A funeral is hardly an occasion for taking photographs but I kinda wish I had, just to show you the waves upon waves upon waves of people who turned up. Neighbours and work colleagues and men who knew my dad in his youth, as well as friends of my siblings and family... The queue of cars following the hearse; the police controlling the traffic to let the cort├Ęge out on to the main road, saluting the hearse as it passed...

And now to pick up all the practical pieces in the aftermath.


Happy New Year, folks.
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In 2013, I...

- turned 33.

- asked a lot of mysterious and random questions of my LiveJournal friends, as I fact-checked elements of a story.

- got slooooowly back in touch with Ruth, Lesley and LJ, my old university friends, in an attempt to make human contact outside of work.

- discovered the time-wasting potential of TrendHunter.com...

- ... and via the above, discovered the joys of mash-up fan art by Amy Mebberson, Karen Hallion and Hyung86.

- spent more money than I ought to in The Works.

- realised that I need to put a time limit on how long I write, because spending too long leaves me grumpy and depressed. On that basis, I made a deal with Mum to stop her nagging me about writing, but she has recently started again...

- tidied my wardrobe (well, most of it).

- went on holiday to Jersey and learned that four-star hotel menus are not all that.

- got new bosses at work and watched an already-bad situation get worse, ugh.

- and as a result of the above, got more and more cynical and sharp-tongued.

- got rid of the task of clerking the Coleraine family courts!... then got it back again, thanks to said new bosses >.<

- got obsessed with paint colour names and colouring-in books.

- read a lot (but then, I do that every year).

- re-started using my local library, although most of the time I borrow books with absolutely no intention of reading them. *guilty look*

- bought a re-useable calendar of "calming thoughts" and promptly started to disagree with them.

- watched Strictly Come Dancing for the first time and loved it. My only quibble is that it's on too early in the evening, which leaves you scrabbling to find something to watch from 8 o'clock on...

- watched "The Day of the Doctor" on 23 November and fell in love with Doctor Who again (I had drifted away from the show following a... family incident which had been started by this episode).

- started listening to my pop and rock CDs again, after several years of only playing instrumental and classical music. I blame the pop radio station which my workmates tune into (and which I can't stand).

- applied for two new jobs and a transfer... didn't get any of them.

- got a bonus woohoo!

- gave up on taking packed lunches to work.

- did NOT join any dating websites... but thought about it. A lot.

- made a necklace.

- bought the same style of shoes as I had last year.

- wrote in pink.

- FINALLY got a passport. And still haven't used it.

- err, downloaded spyware like an idiot >.< Luckily in the middle of doing so, I mentioned what I was doing to my brother, so he got straight on to removing it.

- wrote this list.


Dec. 29th, 2013 09:27 pm
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Toying with the idea of doing some regular features in LJ next year, just trying to be on more frequently. My work life is off-limits due to issues of confidentiality and the fiddly, bitsy nature of the job; trying to explain what I do to people who aren't part of the same working environment would take too long and is, frankly, boring. My social life is - well, moribund. Soooo... I have to think of some other way to use this blog.

Was thinking of an "I Like...Mondays" feature - just talking about things I like, whether that's an object, an activity, or something more nebulous. I'll admit, this one is more about cheering myself up than about sharing stuff with you guys. Work has been so demoralising that I think I need to focus deliberately on the positive.

The only other one that's solid in my head is "Sketchy Sundays". I bought myself one of those Week-to-View diaries a while back, the kind where each day has a blank, unlined space, and I'm planning to use it as a daily sketch/doodle book. I figure that since the diary ends each week on a Sunday, I could scan and post each week's efforts on that day.

I'm considering talking more about books, TV or music, although that wouldn't be a weekly thing.

...Anyway, that's what's in my head.
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Happy New Year, folks! Hope that the start of 2013 finds you all well. I was hoping to leave a happy Christmas message here back on the 25th, but my brothers were hogging the bandwidth, trying to set up streaming from a security camera they'd bought for Dad, so connection for anything else was unreliable. But I hope that everybody enjoyed their holidays.

Spent Christmas Day reading a certain little tome by the name of Spookygirl :D
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Goodbye, 2011. You were not a great year for me - too much work, too much digging myself into a hole and then wallowing there. But I am alive, so you were not irredeemably bad, I suppose.

I doubt 2012 will be any better, unless there is a spectacular change in either my circumstances or my attitude. Comments disabled for this one, folks; I don't need any ego-stroking or nagging about this. I hope I'm wrong...

Have a happy New Year.
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I consider New Year a non-holiday. First, it comes too quickly after Christmas and, let's face it, Christmas gets the better publicity. New Year is like an after-thought: "HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! (Oh, yeah, and New Year too.)" Secondly, there is nothing to do on New Year - except to sit about until midnight and then wish everybody a happy New Year. Maybe if you were somewhere like Edinburgh, with the Hogmanay first-footers, ceilidhs and pipers playing Auld Lang Sine at midnight, it would be enjoyable, but my one and only experience of a New Year's party (the millennium, remember that?) was... kinda dull. Thirdly, New Year's resolutions are stupid. I can't think of anything more demotivating than reviewing all the things you didn't achieve in the year past and then saying, "Well, I'll just have to do it this year."

I have never made New Year resolutions (despite writing a poem about them at primary school - not my choice of subject; it was given as homework). But this year, I do have some... if not resolutions, then at least vague aims.

First, February is going to be my own personal NaNo month, to finish off the manuscript for Kalynder Girls 1. I'm gonna aim for another 50 000 words; if I come to the end of the story before that, all well and good.

Secondly, I will keep a record of the books I have read. I'll review the ones I feel strongly enough about, but otherwise, it'll be a straightforward list of titles and authors.

Thirdly, I will listen to ALL of my albums. I wouldn't say I have an exhaustive CD collection - but it's big enough. There are albums I have never listened to, others that I used to listen to all the time but haven't heard in ages, and a few that I played only once. And I want to listen listen - actually pay attention to the music and not just have it as background noise.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you can look back on 2010 with fondness and that 2011 will be a happy time for you :)


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