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I started work again this week, and I'm glad to be back. Different people, places to do, tasks to do, and other subjects of conversation than the practicalities of Life After Dad and people asking how we're coping. Home was getting claustrophobic - but if it feels that way to me, when most of my family was around, I don't know what it's gonna feel like for Mum when Amy goes back to uni and she's left in the house alone. Sure, us three girls will be back every weekend; the boys, too, are making concerted efforts to come home more often; and all of us will be in contact every day by phone, WhatsApp or text. But that's not the same as having someone physically there, coming and going every day...
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To everyone who sent me condolences, sympathies, thoughts, prayers: thank you.

We got the body back a lot quicker than we had expected - the postmortem was waived - and the funeral took place on Friday. A funeral is hardly an occasion for taking photographs but I kinda wish I had, just to show you the waves upon waves upon waves of people who turned up. Neighbours and work colleagues and men who knew my dad in his youth, as well as friends of my siblings and family... The queue of cars following the hearse; the police controlling the traffic to let the cort├Ęge out on to the main road, saluting the hearse as it passed...

And now to pick up all the practical pieces in the aftermath.


Happy New Year, folks.
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My dad is dead.
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No more Discworld. No more wise, crazy, laugh-out-loud antics from Vimes, Granny, Moist, Death or Lord Vetinari. It's over. He's over.

Plenty of people will be more articulate on this person than me: people who knew him, friends, families, colleagues, people who were a part of his life and he was a part of theirs, in person. I didn't know him, never met him. But I know the stories. And the thought of there being no new ones... I mourn for all the parts of the Disc which we will never see now.

(It sounds selfish to mourn a man's death by saying, "What am I supposed to read now? ;_;" But that is the first thing I thought about - there will be no more Discworld - and I'll bet I'm not the only one. And there's The Long Earth series as well, though Stephen Baxter may continue that on his own.)


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