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Sketchy Sunday 59 photo Sketchy Sunday 59_zpsh4bfc2p4.jpg

Ugh, clothes! I hate clothes. If I could draw penises, I think I'd have everyone in my pictures naked. Clothes are waaaay too complicated. Ugh, the amount of erasing I did on those damn jeans :(

... Mind you, they haven't turned out half-bad. And I am obscenely pleased with my T-shirt sleeves. And my hands! My hands are awesome! :D
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Week 28:
Sketchy Sunday 28 photo SketchySunday28_zps1d6616cc.jpg

I am very proud of Mon-Wednesday's sketch. It's my mum standing at the fence outside our back door, and I drew it from a photo I took on my mobile phone. I veer between hating Fri-Sunday and loving it. The angle of the head and width of the jaw are all wrong, but I am really pleased with the eyes and forehead. The smile's not far off either. I've decided that I feel better if I think of it as a caricature instead of a portrait. Sorry, Mr Smith! Don't feel bad, I've had to apologise to Mr Tennant as well.

Week 29:
Sketchy Sunday 29 photo SketchySunday29_zps058baf9b.jpg

Looking at it now, I should have done the hair either all one colour - either yellow or orange - or gone for a combo of greens and blues. But I had pictured the hair in warm multi-tones before I realised that I wanted to highlight the body in blue. Oh well.

Also, the head is too big, as can be seen when you rotate it:

Sketchy Sunday 29 - rotated photo SketchySunday29rotated_zpsae2f5c10.jpg

Despite those problems, I like this picture. I like its mood, the curve of the body, the legs and feet, the expression on her face, her hands. And I really like the blue highlights, they work surprisingly well.

Week 30:

Sketchy Sunday 30 photo SketchySunday30_zpsddafc2d8.jpg

This has been a scrappy week. But I do like my cityscape in Fri-Sunday and the fairy wings on Monday.
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This Monday, I like ... Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

I Like Monday - Disney's Lilo and Stitch photo LiloandStitchmovieposter_zpse5367d8a.jpg
Image taken from Wikipedia - original artist John Alvin, copyright the Walt Disney Company, Wikipedia licencing terms found here

I saw Lilo & Stitch in the cinema by default; basically, there was nothing else on that interested me, and hey, a Disney movie is usually good for a hour-and-a-half's entertainment. I had seen a couple of the teaser trailers that had been running, specifically the ones with Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid, and I thought they were funny, clever and intriguing. The idea of Disney's characters crossing in and out of each other's worlds, messing with each other's stories, appealed to the mega-crossover-fanfic-lover in me. Plus, Beast gets to be all heroic and save Belle from a falling chandelier! :DDDD The character of Stitch as presented in the teasers - curious, clumsy, mischievous and a shameless flirt - was certainly different from your stereotypical Disney protagonist. AND he was an alien! Sci-fi Disney! AWESOME!

Following from the art style of director, creator and voice of Stitch himself, Chris Sanders, the movie has a distinctive look: all soft curving edges and rounded corners. Characters and objects look (for want of a better word) chunky, solidly built, and there is a pleasing range of body types on display here. Nani, Lilo's elder sister, has the best-looking thighs I've ever seen on an animated character; just watch the sequence near the beginning where she runs home after missing Lilo at the dance school. The movie is also full of colour: brilliant greens and blues, oranges and reds. Hawai'i looks beautiful here, a gorgeous tropical paradise.

And next to all that colour and comforting curves, there's the angst. Have I mentioned before how much I love angst? Yes, I'm pretty sure I have. Well, there's a lot of angst here. Spoilers! ) Yes, there's lots of humour, and some eminently quotable silly dialogue ("If I gave Pudge tuna, I'd be an ABOMINATION!!"; "I prefer to be called EVIL GENIUS!!!"). And the final rescue sequence gets a bit soppy. But there is a core of sadness here, of people struggling with loneliness, identity and how to fit in with a society which doesn't understand them.

And oh how I love Lilo! She reminds me a lot of what I was like as a kid. The whole thing with Scrump, the hand-made doll and the bug-eggs in her ears? I would totally have made up that same story! Hey, I used to play a game where the evil Jack-in-the-ball* routinely took all the other toys into slavery! It was awesome! :D

Quirky and damaged characters, lovely animation and a soundtrack full of great Elvis songs - I am glad there was nothing else on at the cinema that evening, or I might have missed out on one of my favourite movies of all time.

* We didn't have a Jack-in-the-box when I was young, we had one in a ball (see the first picture in the second row here)... no wonder I turned out like I did!
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Because I'm seeing it everywhere I go at the minute, this Monday, I like... cherry blossom.

I Like Monday - cherry blossom photo 640px-Cherry_blossoms_in_Vancouver_3_crop_zpse8d48687.jpg
Image taken from Wikipedia. Photograph is copyright Eviatar Bach.

Which is odd because I'm not a fan of pink flowers generally. I find them too obviously "pretty", too simperingly girly, and as a not-really-very-girly female, I have a kneejerk reaction against them. But cherry blossom is such a sweet, delicate, barely-there pink - the merest blush of colour - and it comes out in such a mass that it overwhelms my usual crusty suspiciousness. When I see a cherry tree in bloom, it always makes me smile.

Of course, cherry blossom may also appeal to me because in amongst the pink are streaks of maroon and carmine on the blossom stalks and sepals, and as I have mentioned previously, red is one of my favourite colours. Now when I picture it in my head, the brownish reds of the stems and candy-like tones of the flowers ought to clash horribly. But somehow in real life, it works, creating lovely, soft red shadows which glow underneath the blossoms.

A world with cherry blossom in it is fresh, charming, kind and a little daydreamy, with spring breezes which scatter petals like rain and turn lawns into pools of baby pink. Below are some links, mostly to Pinterest pages, with more pictures of cherry blossom. Go take a wander around and just enjoy the pretty :)

Link one
Link two
Link three
Link four
Link five
Link six (I particularly like the one with the squirrel)
Link seven

And to finish, a cherry blossom-based quiz yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] jellostar. (I don't think this sounds a bit like me, though, except for the last two sentences):

You Are Logical

You are a very rational and cool-headed person. People are often surprised by your reaction to the world.

You are a big fan of order, and no one organizes chaos better than you do. You know how to make sense of madness.

Although you are quite unemotional, you are a very happy and content person. You know how to neutralize strong feelings.

You are both creative and a perfectionist. You get great satisfaction out of a job done right.

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Bit later than normal; I've been gathering images for future I Like Mondays, which has taken me most of today. Anyway, here's this week's efforts:

Sketchy Sunday 15 photo SketchySunday15_zps97d4d1eb.jpg

I am AWESOMELY proud of my pegasus! I knew I was giving myself problems with the angle, perspective, anatomy... and it somehow turned looking reasonably realistic. :D My favourite part has to be the initial ruffle of feathers where the wing joins the shoulder. I only added these at the last minute in a desperate attempt to avoid detailing the whole of the wings (which is what I had been trying to do), but still make them look feathery:

Sketchy Sunday 15 - pegasus detail photo SketchySunday15pegasusdetail_zps19143d75.jpg

The actual shapes are very simplistic - just long, pointy-ended ovals with a line up the middle - and I didn't expect it to work at all, even as I was drawing it, but the overall effect is so effective, I had to stop and squee at myself. Still can't quite believe that I came up with it!
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This is just way too pretty not to share :D
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This Monday, I like... windmills.

I Like Mondays - windmill photo wind_turbine_installer_zps8e4dc41a.jpg
Image taken from Home Wind Turbines

Ooooo, controversy! Ok, I am NOT going to get into an argument on the pros and cons of wind power, or whether it is a viable alternative energy source, or the thorny questions of public subsidies versus private investment. I'm not an expert in any of those matters, I don't have all the facts and figures, and even if I did, I don't think I would understand what they mean. My liking windmills is on purely aesthetic grounds. Yes, that's right, I like the way they look.

I like their sleekness, all those Steve-Jobs-esque, bright white curves. Everybody oohs and ahhs over how Apple made computers pretty and it seems to me that windmills share that same aesthetic. It's the beauty of the future, or at least of the future that we all seem to admire at the minute, anyway: smooth, clean, airy, simple block colours.

I like their starkness, the raw simplicity of their silhouette. They remind me of trees in winter, stripped down to bare, frost-encrusted branches, surviving stubbornly against the worst that nature can do to them. They say, "Life is harsh - but it is still life, and that makes it beautiful and worthwhile."

I like the way that their sleekness and their starkness ought to clash - slick modernity versus primal bleakness - but actually work together and feed into each other, so that the iPod future gets a little rougher around the edges and the Ice Age gains a sense of light and clever elegance.

I like their outlandish size, the way they completely skew your sense of perspective. Don't ask me why but it makes me want to giggle. Maybe it's the Alice in Wonderland effect; I feel like I've stumbled into a ridiculous, impossible world where I might grow or shrink at any time. Or maybe it's a Wreck-It Ralph thing; their jumbo-sized proportions are clumsily appealing rather than intimidating.

And finally, I like the way they draw my eye to the horizon. I mean, really, how many times do we actually look at the horizon, at the very farthest line we can see between land and sky? Without the sight of windmills to catch my attention, I might never look farther than the middle distance and that would be a shame. So, no, I don't get these people wailing and crying about eyesores, and making themselves physically ill because (they say) "their view has been spoiled." -_-' It makes me wonder how these folk would cope if something actually bad happened to them. Windmills don't spoil my view; if anything, they make me see more, to go beyond the usual familiar vistas and scan the dim and indistinct edge of the world.

There is plenty of ugliness in the world (not all of it man-made; does anybody find deep sea hatchet fish or naked mole rats attractive?), but for me, windmills are not part of that ugliness. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; maybe this beholder simply has a eye uniquely adapted for the beauty of windmills?
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Following on from Monday's talk of birthstones, and for all you children of July out there, please accept this Thousand-Ruby Galaxy as an early/late birthday gift :P


Sep. 14th, 2013 12:33 pm
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A few things to give you a little squee this morning :)

First, the sweetest ad on British TV at the moment:

(My favourite parts are when they go swimming with the koi carp, and the octopus and the sheep ^.^)

Secondly, remember how I said my sister Amy was knitting a Minion from Despicable Me?

Minion! 2 resize photo 100_5365_zpse349d4f5.jpg

Didn't I tell you he was adorkable? :DD

Minion! 3 resize photo 100_5366_zps0fb7a26d.jpg

Here's a close-up of the"G" logo on his front pocket. You can also see the ickle individual fingers that Amy made. All this without a pattern; just working from an image she'd taken from the internet. I am so proud of her ^.^
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It won't lie - it's too wet - but it looks very pretty, twisting and twirling about in the air. The academic staff picked a good day for striking: no going out in the cold for work :) But I do need to go out. I haven't been to the library for about a week and I need to get writing again.

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Edit:Your country is austria

Which country is your country?
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Lol, how appropriate to get this when it's snowing!


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