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Yay for hayfever! And yay for what-the-hell-I-can't-even elections! Seriously, wake me up when the world starts making sense again because Western European civilisation currently appears to be having a meltdown. Ugh, Arlene Foster was smug enough before this happened; now she thinks she's the key to the stability of the whole UK. You couldn't whistle her a better tune - pity about the rest of us. If it wasn't actually happening, I'd think it was some crazy dystopian satire. Jake O'Kane and Colin Murphy on The Blame Game will be loving it, though, glorious comedy material.
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Disclaimer 1: the text below is copy/pasted from my Amazon.co.uk review, currently awaiting approval. In case it doesn't get through, I'm putting it here because if I don't spew somewhere, I'll just brood on the bloody thing.

Disclaimer 2: I did not (thank God) buy this book; it was borrowed from the library.

Sidenote 1: I also checked the reviews on Amazon.com. None of them raise any of the points I've made below, either. In fact, the book is sitting at 4 1/2 stars! And numerous reviewers talk about liking Shaw, even wanting him to be real! What. The. FUCK.

TL;DR: the author expects us to accept a bully and an abuser as a "romantic hero" and view his controlling behaviour as not only reasonable but as a sign that he truly cares about the heroine. She also reinforces the myth that "No" secretly means "Yes": that when a woman shows signs of physical attraction to a man, but nevertheless expresses a wish NOT to have sex with him, it is ok for him to continue making sexual advances, including the use of physical force, until he has worn her down - and that this does not count as rape. Offensive and misogynistic.


If you think you can stomach the full rant, then here it is )

I will not be reading any other works by this author. I can't say if the above is a blip or something which is embedded in all of her writing, but I'm just too enraged to find out. Other potential readers may wish to try a different novel by her, but I would strongly warn them off of this one.
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Swiped from Skwerlie )

Phew! That took me ages to fill out!
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Joanna got her fake baby thing yesterday for her sex education group. Good grief, that thing is ugly. It looks like it's got permanent trapped wind. And it's heavy. Alright, so I know babies are heavy. But they're not heavy in a big-square-brick-of-a-battery-unit-in-the-back way.

Joanna's threatening to make us babysit it. *shudders* I find baby dolls unnerving at the best of times, but the moving, talking ones are especially evil. I get the creeps every time a Zaphff Creations ad comes on. Baby Annabel is the spawn of Satan, I tell you!

Speaking of Satan, I think the bit of Hell on the Greenwich Meridian just froze over. It is soooo cold out there! Damn hunger for making me get out of bed!

American actors need to learn not to mumble. Or talk so fast.


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