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My youngest sister, who is studying computer games design, is currently on an internship year. The company CEO flew over this week from the US to take part in a 'town hall meeting' (which is like an office meeting but bigger). And at the meeting they revealed that they weren't there to just talk at them. Oh no.

They had booked the Odeon Cinema for a private showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



I'm in the wrong job.
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Does anyone else feel queasy when they hear Elle Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" or Beyonce's "Crazy In Love", because of their connection to a certain half-century-long spectrum of an intermediate achromatic colour? I really liked "Crazy In Love", and I know that if it had been released without the abovementioned association, I would have liked the creepy/slowed-down edit even more. (I have a thing for creepy "love" songs; the only Justin Timberlake songs I can stand are "Cry Me A River" and "What Goes Around".) "Love Me...", I can't be sure about, since it has never been unconnected with the variety of ashen tones, but my suspicion is that I would have thought of it as an ok tune: not one that would grab my attention but I might sing along unconsciously to the chorus.

I haven't read the books; I wasn't interested in them before they went OMGPublishingphenomenon! and after hearing complaints of bad writing and unease over the central characters, I was even less interested. On the principle of that non-interest, I will not be seeing the movies, either. So it's really disturbing to find that it is damaging my enjoyment of media which I am interested in!
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So I bought and read Chained by Night, the second book in the Moonbound Vampires series which I talked about here. You gotta love a book which contains the line, "Damn Samnult and his Portal of Bonding Orgasms." So glad I wasn't drinking anything when I came across that little gem XD (Although the author goes on to use the phrase "feminine place" twice, which I may have to hit her for.)

Also, Frozen is much better the second time around.
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This Monday, I like... "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" from the soundtrack to Disney's Hercules.

I was skeptical when I heard Disney were going to make a movie about Hercules. How were they going to get around the whole illegitimate-son-of-a-god thing? Or Hera's vendetta? The twelve labours being punishment for Hercules going insane and murdering his first wife and children? The Hydra's poison coming back to bite him on the ass? And the answer was... they were just going to ignore all that and make something up. Also, there are nine Muses - NINE, Disney, not five!

Ok, so the mythology purist in me is not amused. But I (kinda) forgive them because of Megara: a sassy, sharp-witted and conflicted "anti"-heroine with impossible hair, tiny boobs and a tragic history (yay, angst!). Tiny spoiler ) Megara's story is far more interesting than the eponymous hero's: from innocence and self-sacrifice to disappointment, bitterness and cynicism, back through a hesitant emotional and moral reawakening to find love and hope again. And it all gets summed up in this song, one of the cleverest and possibly the most truthful of Disney's love themes. Megara, defensive and prickly, is countered by the Muses, acting as chorus/conscience/gaggle of girl friends, who persistently and kindly persuade her to accept her real feelings - if only to herself. Those last four lines always make me tear up a little. Plus it's a great tune and Susan Egan is an awesome singer; I love the fierce little growl she does when she sings, "Get off my case".

This song, this character saves a movie that would otherwise turn me into a grouchy bore. That's got to be a good thing.
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In addendum to the previous I Like Monday, this Monday, I like... Yzma's flea speech from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove.

Seriously, the number of times my sisters and I quote this speech at each other - especially "I'LL SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!!!!" XDDDDD One of the silliest parts in a very silly movie. Genius, I say!
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This Monday, I like... Kronk.

I Like Monday - Kronk photo Kronk_zps89cac0a3.jpg
Image taken from Fanpop - character of Kronk copyright the Walt Disney Company

Oh, Kronk. What would The Emperor's New Groove do without you? You were only meant to be the secondary comic relief but you turned out to be the best damn thing in that movie. You have a shoulder-angel and devil! You do your own theme music! You talk to squirrels! You are AWESOME!

You're also cheekily self-referential. The movie-makers use Kronk at various points to poke fun at their own film. The Emperor's New Groove is something of a mess; my sisters and I always joke that it has no plot whatsoever. Cut for spoilers ) That the character voicing the sly digs at the movie's faults and quirks is also supposed to be the stupidest one in the room, gives those audience members who are more than five years old something to laugh about - and somebody to root for, in a film where the "protagonists" are a self-centred egotist and a rather bland family-man type.

There are inconsistencies in Kronk's characterisation which irritate me Another spoiler ); then again, the whole film is one big inconsistency. But his cheerful silliness, love of cookery and nature, and quotable dialogue make him one of my favourite Disney characters. Long live Kronk!
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This Monday, I like ... Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

I Like Monday - Disney's Lilo and Stitch photo LiloandStitchmovieposter_zpse5367d8a.jpg
Image taken from Wikipedia - original artist John Alvin, copyright the Walt Disney Company, Wikipedia licencing terms found here

I saw Lilo & Stitch in the cinema by default; basically, there was nothing else on that interested me, and hey, a Disney movie is usually good for a hour-and-a-half's entertainment. I had seen a couple of the teaser trailers that had been running, specifically the ones with Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid, and I thought they were funny, clever and intriguing. The idea of Disney's characters crossing in and out of each other's worlds, messing with each other's stories, appealed to the mega-crossover-fanfic-lover in me. Plus, Beast gets to be all heroic and save Belle from a falling chandelier! :DDDD The character of Stitch as presented in the teasers - curious, clumsy, mischievous and a shameless flirt - was certainly different from your stereotypical Disney protagonist. AND he was an alien! Sci-fi Disney! AWESOME!

Following from the art style of director, creator and voice of Stitch himself, Chris Sanders, the movie has a distinctive look: all soft curving edges and rounded corners. Characters and objects look (for want of a better word) chunky, solidly built, and there is a pleasing range of body types on display here. Nani, Lilo's elder sister, has the best-looking thighs I've ever seen on an animated character; just watch the sequence near the beginning where she runs home after missing Lilo at the dance school. The movie is also full of colour: brilliant greens and blues, oranges and reds. Hawai'i looks beautiful here, a gorgeous tropical paradise.

And next to all that colour and comforting curves, there's the angst. Have I mentioned before how much I love angst? Yes, I'm pretty sure I have. Well, there's a lot of angst here. Spoilers! ) Yes, there's lots of humour, and some eminently quotable silly dialogue ("If I gave Pudge tuna, I'd be an ABOMINATION!!"; "I prefer to be called EVIL GENIUS!!!"). And the final rescue sequence gets a bit soppy. But there is a core of sadness here, of people struggling with loneliness, identity and how to fit in with a society which doesn't understand them.

And oh how I love Lilo! She reminds me a lot of what I was like as a kid. The whole thing with Scrump, the hand-made doll and the bug-eggs in her ears? I would totally have made up that same story! Hey, I used to play a game where the evil Jack-in-the-ball* routinely took all the other toys into slavery! It was awesome! :D

Quirky and damaged characters, lovely animation and a soundtrack full of great Elvis songs - I am glad there was nothing else on at the cinema that evening, or I might have missed out on one of my favourite movies of all time.

* We didn't have a Jack-in-the-box when I was young, we had one in a ball (see the first picture in the second row here)... no wonder I turned out like I did!
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First aid training makes me ver' ver' sleepy.

Don't you just hate it when a storyline you've been playing with runs off into depressing territory and you can't get it back? Do Not Want, brain.

I caught the tail end of Mary Poppins last night, and if Karen Hallion hadn't convinced me already, the movie itself is proof that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. "I never explain anything", indeed. XD

We are painting the dining room in a colour I chose! Yay!

[livejournal.com profile] jellostar! Currently watching 5ive's video for "Keep On Moving"! So many good memories to that song... :)
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This Monday, I like... Disney's Beauty and the Beast:

I Like Monday - Beauty and the Beast photo beauty-and-the-beast_zps727651bf.jpg
Image taken from College Fashion. Copyright of the Walt Disney Company.

Beauty and the Beast was not a fairy tale I knew in my childhood. I remember vaguely hearing of it - I knew it involved roses somehow - but I don't think I actually read a version until my mid-to-late twenties. So the 1991 Disney classic was my first real exposure to this tale.

I first became aware of it during the televised opening ceremony of what was then Euro Disney, and is now Disneyland Paris. Angela Lansbury stood in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle and sang "Tale As Old As Time", intercut with the ballroom scene from the movie. I was amazed: the Disney princess was a brunette, not the standard-issue blonde! She wore glorious, sunflower yellow, not the expected girly pink! I was sold.

I didn't actually see the movie until my mid-teens. It didn't disappoint. It is funny, exciting, beautiful-looking. The pretty-boy Gaston as the villain chimed with my scorn for the manufactured boyband hunks and big-chinned American heartthrobs with which my peers seemed to be obsessed. The songs are wonderful. And maybe I'm biased by the fact that this movie was the first version of the story that I knew, but I also find the plot a lot stronger than in the original fairy tale. Making Beast a harsh, hot-tempered monster who has to learn how to be "human" makes more sense to me than the perfectly-genteel Beast of the version by Jeanne-Marie Beaumont (the most commonly retold one), or even the sex-obsessed-and-slow-but-otherwise-well-mannered Beast of the even earlier version by Madame Villeneuve.

Then there's the heroine. I identified so hard with Belle as a teen. A brown-haired bookworm, an outsider among her peers, whose interests don't chime with those of the 'normal' girls, a loner growing up on the outskirts of a small country town, a daydreamer who longs for real life to be like the stories she buries herself in - apart from being French and, you know, a fictitious animated character, Belle and I could have been twins. To see her get her "adventure in the great wide somewhere" was very satisfying.

People criticise Disney for their happy endings as inspiring unrealistic expectations or enforcing traditional gender roles blah blah blah. But the relationship between these two oddballs - the grouchy and socially awkward Beast, the lonely dreamer Belle - is wish-fulfillment at its best. I don't expect that the Beast-Prince has entirely lost that temper of his, or that Belle will be a conventional sit-on-the-throne-and-look-pretty queen. And honestly, what's wrong with a happy ending? People do get happy in real life too, you know, it's not always unending misery and unsatisfactory compromises!
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Watched After Earth last night. It got a trouncing from the critics but I didn't think it was that bad. Sure, Will Smith was grumpy and po-faced, but he was playing a guy who had taught himself to suppress fear, and if you suppress fear, you'll wind up suppressing every other emotion too. The kid was a decent lead, the special effects were fine, the story was enjoyable. The whole "fear isn't real" premise was interesting. And the weirdly stilted accents struck me as being rather true-to-life. After all, the first white people in America didn't speak with "American" accents; that took time to develop. So in a couple of millenia, how likely is it that the American accent of today would still be around?

There was one false moment when an animal's actions seemed too anthropomorphised, but it was over pretty quickly. So yeah, overall I liked it.
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Watched Disney's The Little Mermaid for the first time last night. Cut because, well, long, and maybe other people haven't seen it? so spoilers? )
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Well, here goes nothing:

Sketchy Sunday 1 photo SketchySunday1_zpsaad01b94.jpg

I wish it was less smudgy-looking; the lines looks like they're made of tiny little dots of grit - which I suppose is what they are, anyway - but hey, there you go, my first week's worth of doodling! I think my favourite is Thursday's efforts. The woman's curly hair worked out really well and while her nose is bigger than I wanted, the face looks generally in proportion. Also, the cartoony prawn-thing on the right, which I did on a whim after finishing the woman, is weirdly adorable. Monday's mermaid also turned out better than I expected. Adding the fancy goldfish/koi carp colouring to her tail made her come to life in a way that leaving her as a pencil sketch didn't.

All in all, pretty happy. If I do this again, though, I'll use a bigger diary. I bought a slim-style one and the restricted space gets annoying.

I saw Frozen yesterday. I have... mixed feelings. There's too much singing in the first half and the songs aren't that great, the exception being Elsa's "Let It Go". Kristoff isn't a patch on Tangled's Flynn Ryder as the male "anti"-hero. Spoiler ) Similarly, Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer aren't as memorable as Pascal and Maximus. Olaf's existence is never fully explained; we're told that Elsa made him but we don't see it happening. Spoilers ) And what is with the weird way they kept pronouncing Anna's name? Yes, I know it's set in a Scandinavian-esque nation, and that's most likely the way that "Anna" is pronounced in that part of the world, but pretty much everyone talked with very American accents - EXCEPT when saying that one name.

BUT I did love the twist on the whole "true love" cliche Spoilers ) the reveal of the movie's villain was unexpected and clever, and Elsa is a fantastic character, all emotional damage and low self-esteem. As I said earlier, "Let It Go" is the best song in the show and it's also the point where I started to enjoy the movie. The animation as she makes her ice castle is beautiful; I think if I got this movie on DVD, I'd probably play that scene over and over again.

And yet more spoilers )

I'm reading Ian Fleming's On Her Majesty's Secret Service at the moment. It's actually a lot of fun! Bond's got a little bit more of a moral core in his attitude towards women (only a little, mind) than he does in the movies; he mentally tells himself off as he seduces a woman under false pretences. My only quibble with Fleming's writing is that he overuses the exclamation mark; seriously, he must use about a dozen in each chapter.

The book does have the most horribly eighties cover, though: this big-haired blonde with black roots, in a shiny pink bomber jacket and equally shiny purple leggings, posed on top of an oversized gold handgun, ugh.

...Aaaand this has taken me absolute ages to write; I started around 4 o'clock and it's now 20 past 5 >.
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1. I am off work until Wednesday next week. Yay!
2. I am spending my five days' holidays with my mum and sisters in a very lovely-looking holiday home down in County Fermanagh. Yay!
3. We can take our dog, Lottie, with us. Yay!
4. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be bright with only a few showers and we have packed a picnic for lunch. Yay!
5. There is a dog show on Saturday which is (reasonably) close to where we're staying. Yay!
6. Amy is crocheting the most aDORable little Minion (as in Despicable Me), entirely out of her own head. Yay!
7. Said Minion even has little individual fingers and thumb. The cuteness makes my head explode. Yay!
8. I used a face mask this evening which smelled absolutely gorgeous: blueberries and cranberries and strawberries. Yay! (and hmmmmmm :9)
9. And it made my skin feel beautifully soft and very smooth. Yay!
10. I've spent a lot of on-line time recently looking through Amy Mebberson's Tumblr site, which is full of the most adorable Disney/comics/MLP/mash-up fanart. She's doing the art on the current IDW MLP: FiM comics. Yay!

I am so happy right now :D
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1) A dream in which I was stranded with a bicycle in a very empty New York (which looked a lot like the local towns here but never mind), depopulated by a zombie plague, and then I had to eat a lot of chocolate desserts (don't ask; I certainly didn't).

2) Sharon brought me home a cute pen with a wooden chicken head on the end. And it's black ink too! (I prefer writing in black.)

3) While washing up the lunch dishes, Mum let slip that we were going to the cinema as my birthday treat. Sharon's face was a picture!

4) We went to a matinee showing, just like I used to do when I was at uni *nostalgia*

5) We saw Les Miserables and we all cried (except Sharon, who never cries at movies). And Mum loved it too :)

6) We then got take-out for supper. I had chips, peas, gravy and sausages mmmmmmmm...

7) Now I'm planning to go to Belfast tomorrow with Sharon. I haven't been up to the city in a long time; I'm looking forward to it.

So yeah, the wangsty stuff is still around, but I've had a really nice day and just forgot all about it ^.^


Jan. 5th, 2010 09:30 pm
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I have a mild case of Robert Downey Jr obsession. I blame Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man.

Holly - the skinny, paranoid, socially dysfunctional one of our two cats - is sick :( We don't know yet what's wrong; she has a temperature and isn't retracting her third eyelid properly.

There has been no thaw yet, and it's started snowing again. Driving conditions are atrocious, and everyone is now back to work/school after the Christmas holidays, so traffic is heavy again. Thank goodness I have next week off (for my birthday :D)

That is all!


Feb. 12th, 2009 08:57 pm
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I am alive! And I have *drumroll please* broadband! Yay! I am now part of the twenty-first century. :DDD

I've had broadband since last Friday, but between my mum, my little sister, going to the ballet and needing to take a shower, this is the first night I've been able to get on it lol. My mother is officially an addict.

Oh, and the ballet? Well, you know you're getting old when you prefer Classic FM to Radio 1, and I'm getting old fast. I'm a complete newbie to classical music - sang somebody's Requiem when I was in senior choir, can't remember whose, that was as close as I got - but I guess that, like comics, I've had a curiosity about it for a long time and now the curiosity has grown to the point where I'm getting involved.

I went to see Sleeping Beauty and it was lovely. I didn't wince half as much as I expected ("ow, my toes, ow, my toes"). Also, the king and the doctor were hot >:D. There was a while when I was kinda hoping the doctor would get the princess. The king and queen should have had more dances of their own - the queen was very pretty and I wanted to see her dance more.

Work is... well, work. We've got a guy on our team who has put a number of backs up. It's part clash-of-personalities and part Tony-please-just-shut-up. If it's just the two of us, I can rub along with him, but when you add in others - Mary in particular - things get badly strained. She can't stand him and the feeling seems mutual. Then he complains to others in the office (oh such a bad idea), which leads to all kinds of gossip and hush-hush meetings.

My trick for dealing with all this is pretend none of them exist the second I walk out the office door *sigh* I keep thinking about the line from Kate and Leopold: "I'm tired, and I need a rest, and if I have to peddle a little pond scum to get one, then so be it."

(BTW, Jill, my other little sister, Sharon, is completely in love with this movie and has addicted her best friend to it too *cackles evilly*)

Still doing web reviews for Waterstone's; actually, a new set of books arrived from them today, including Helen Garner's The Spare Room, the one the publisher kicked up stink about when it wasn't included in the Booker list. I did want to read it, so it's great to get it for free :D

Errrrrr... oh, Christmas! Great Christmas! Lots and lots of Wii games were bought (most of them by me, for I left it late and had no imagination this year). I got a new handbag, which I call my Mary Poppins bag; everything fits in it. And long-legged socks, which have been a godsend in this freezing weather we've had recently.

...Ok, can't think of anything else to say... except that The Dark Knight rocks and Heath Ledger was a genius :( And apologies for not putting all this spew under cuts but I've completely forgotten how to do them, and will have to go re-educate myself >.
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Having completed a PhD myself (my graduation was on 2 July, which was the first day of the summer graduation ceremonies, and I was the first person on stage, making me the first Queen's graduate of 2007!) and with my brothers doing PhDs in astrophysics, I both sympathesise with and find highly amusing the news that Brian May has finally completed his astronomy thesis.

I watched Transformers, the cartoon movie from waaaaaaaaaay back in the day, last night. It was very, very confusing, and not in a good way O.O' You could hear the money people shouting, "No one's been shot at for five seconds; we're losing the kids' attention! Get me some more LASERS!" Plus some of the voices were impossible to make out, so you lost whole chunks of plot.

Also, only one girl Transformer? Shouldn't all the 'bots be fighting over her like feral dogs?

And to finish, some BlogThings )
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Dear Santa... )

The moral of the story is, if you give a kidney you can do whatever you like the rest of the year XD

I have the terrible feeling that I missed someone's birthday... But nobody talked about birthdays so I'm going to assume my instincts are being weird.

I have the cold: sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, sinus headache, general blahness. Thing is, I wasn't in contact with anyone who has the cold; I just woke up yesterday morning with the worst sore throat in the world. I think I may have got it because I had my room window open on Sunday night. But my room was so stuffy when I came up that it needed the air.

Does anyone know if there's something you can put in steaming water which will relieve sore throats and blocked noses and clean and refresh your face at the same time?

Eimhear, I love you. You ask fantastic questions and you TALK TO ME!! THANK YOU!!! My Monday classes are so much better when you're in them. And I love you too, Paul. Paul and Eimhear win teh intarwebs *channels [livejournal.com profile] featherypony*

My brothers and I went to see Doom last night. I'd heard mixed reviews: some awful, some quite enthusiastic. My opinion: it was alright-sih. Thrills, scares, action and special effects have all been done much, much better elsewhere but it's entertaining enough if you don't ask it to be more than what it is: a DTV film about steriod-pumped men shooting the shit out of not-that-convincing slimy things with token blonde female (who, for once, wasn't the love interest). It's redeemed from the boring side of alright-ish by the first-person-shooter scene. Ohmiword, that scene is FANTASTIC!!! If I were to rent the DVD, I'd just put it to that scene. Really well done, and yes, it does look exactly like the game. I would like to have seen the whole movie done like that, but I suppose it might not have worked for story-telling purposes. Though really, what more story do you need to know other than there are lots of slimy things on Mars that you have to shoot the shit out of?

So yeah, I thought it was OK.
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I met up with Ruth and LJ last night for pizza and cinema. We saw The Brothers Grimm. I really enjoyed it; I loved spotting the folklore and mythology references: Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin, The Princess and the Pea, girls disguised as boys, talking animals, Rapunzel, The Snow Queen, Ophelia from Hamlet, Cinderella, kelpies and infernal horses, the golem legend, The Two Brothers, the Greek myth of Talos, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, werewolves, sacred/enchanted forests, The White Cat, Jack and the Beanstalk, stolen children, vampires, Hansel and Gretal, Snow White, The Gingerbread Man, The Goose Girl, witches, spells, beautiful and vain queens, The Frog Prince, Grandfather Death, animal helpers (and enemies), the youngest as the hero, Manypelts, three siblings, enchanted weapons, curses, and maybe - only maybe, mind; I'm stretching a bit here - a story I once read about a boy with odd-coloured eyes, one which sees the world as it really is and one which sees all that it could be (but isn't). Some bits were pretty creepy Slight spoilers ) The juxtaposition between the superstitious German peasants and the rational French forces, coming out of the anti-superstition French Revolution, worked well, I thought, and brought out the nationalist motivation behind the collecting of fairy tales (if there's a folklore, there has to be a folk - a race of people linked by blood and land, with a common national identity). And I am Jake Grimm! You don't know how painfully I've wished sometimes for stories to be real *pets Jake with his cute little glasses*

Also, you know you've been spending too much time in Forbidden Planet when you start to dream of being accused of shoplifting from it.
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Quiz! )

My sister Sharon and I had a long text-message conversation last week about how much, exactly, Batman rocked. Even when he's being an idiot. Which, for a guy with genius-level IQ, he does surprisingly often. I bought Batman the Animated Series: Volume 1 along with Batman Begins last week, so I'm on a bit of a Bat buzz at the minute *snugs Mr Dark Knight*

I'm surprised how fast the contagion of my comic newbieness has spread to other family members, or at least to the ones I have any influence over ie. my sisters. It took a while for my pony habit to filter down to my sisters. Sharon's still neutral about it and likes to set herself up as the "sensible" one, but she's fallen hook, line and sinker into my new comic habit. She was squeeing at the weekend over a Battle Royale manga some guy had brought into school: "The art is so pretty! Even when you're watching someone's brains getting blown to bits, it's so pretty!" *starry eyes*

I went swimming yesterday and my shampoo spilt all over my bag and my quilt, so I had to wash everything. Not amused was I. I'm not sure if I'll go swimming today. I had a bad cramp in my leg this morning and I wouldn't want to upset it. Fitting the swimming into my schedule is more difficult now the light summer evenings are gone. If I stuck to my old times - aiming to be in the pool at half-5 - I'd be walking there and back in the dark, which I'm not comfortable with. Plus I destroyed my swimsuit by not rinsing it thoroughly enough, so I've had to borrow my mum's, which doesn't fit me all that well.

I'm also very sleepy. I went with Sveta to see Elizabethtown last night; it was the very last showing and we weren't home till near midnight, and of course I dicked about until about 1 in the morning. I need to go to bed at a decent hour tonight. I'll maybe ask Sharon to record Lost for me, and go to bed about half-10. I am not, however, missing Rome.
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