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Yay for hayfever! And yay for what-the-hell-I-can't-even elections! Seriously, wake me up when the world starts making sense again because Western European civilisation currently appears to be having a meltdown. Ugh, Arlene Foster was smug enough before this happened; now she thinks she's the key to the stability of the whole UK. You couldn't whistle her a better tune - pity about the rest of us. If it wasn't actually happening, I'd think it was some crazy dystopian satire. Jake O'Kane and Colin Murphy on The Blame Game will be loving it, though, glorious comedy material.
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From my Forgotten English calendar:

"ANTEPENULTIMATE: pertaining to the last syllable but two."

How useful a word is that! At last we have a word to refer to the thing befor the penultimate thing! *snugs antepenultimate*

I filled out my room inventory form last night and I decided to take the piss with it. I mean, when your only instructions are "Please complete accuratley (sic) and return to Reception", and they then list things like "Door Number Plate", "Walls" and "Ceiling", they're kinda asking for it. I mean, who puts "Walls" and "Ceiling" on a room inventory? What do they want to know, that they're there?!? There wouldn't be a room to inventory if they weren't!

I wanted to scan it and show it to you guys if I could before I decided to send it, but the Elmwood Building is currently being used for registration so I couldn't get hold of a scanner. Poot.

I was having some profound thoughts this morning, but they've gone now. They were inspired by reading this month's "Vacuum". "The Vacuum" is a free, local newspaper-type thing which you can pick up in cafes and libraries around here. It's published either every month or every two months. Each issue they pick a different theme and print articles around that theme (although there are a few "regular feature" bits which don't obey this rule); this month's issue is centred on sport and has articles in it about George Best as the first football media celebrity, the Irish cricket team, a review of Belfast's public swimming pools, and several satires suggesting that sectarian riots and punishment beatings should be made Northern Ireland's national sport.

"The Vacuum" likes to think it's clever, trendy, artistic, liberal, satirical and cutting-edge. I find it amusing and annoying in equal measure. Take for instance, the whole "Sorry" thing. "The Vacuum" published two issues one month: one on God, the other on Satan. Of course, some people got offended by this. Me, I think I remember reading some of the God issue; not all, cos I knew what it would be like. I disagreed with what I did read, but since I'm the one decided to pick it up in the first place, I didn't feel offended. Anyway, it went all the way to the Belfast City Council, courtesy of one Mr Sammy Wilson (probably best known around here for probably TMI )), and the Council demanded an apology and threatened to withdraw the arts funding they'd been given. In response, "The Vacuum" hired a big grey bus, hung it with banners saying "Sorry" and drove around Belfast, handing out leaflets and stencilling the word "Sorry" on the pavement (some of them are still there, around the traffic lights in front of Queen's), then published a "Sorry" issue, musing on themes of apologising and forgiveness. They reckoned they were being oh-so-clever-and-ironic; I just wanted to avoid them. And the worst part is, the whole farce is still on-going; "The Vacuum" is taking the City Council to the High Court, claiming that they were trying to censor them by taking away the arts funding. There's a notice in this month's issue calling on "all members of the Artistic (note the capital A) community who feel they are being suppressed by this regime" to turn up at the courthouse -_-'

So you see, equal parts amusing and annoying. This month's issue was largely amusing, though (unlike the previous issue, which was on the topic of culture and way too pretentious and dull).

[Edit: Wait, hang on, it's Dava's birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVA!]
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Today is the birthday of P. T. Barnhum, showman and circus-owner, who reputedly came up with the phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute." (info courtesy of my Forgotten English calendar)

I feel as if I should make a nice, long LJ post, seeing as how my last few have been itty-bitty short. Hmm, what to say, what to say...

FINALLY got around to seeing Batman Begins, which, for the record, was BRILLIANT!! :DDD I could follow the fight scenes just fine, apart from the one in the warehouse, and you weren't supposed to follow it, because it was all about the confusion. My brothers went to see War of the Worlds, which will be my next target. And they got to see the trailer for King Kong!! *flails*

I had a dream about Bruce Wayne. During his wanderings, he joined a circus that was a cover for a training school for revolutionairies. He had a girlfriend and a girl best friend, and he was incredibly happy. It was so nice to see him happy *pets happy Bruce Wayne* :) And then I dreamed about Spiderman, who was in a valley with black web-stuff arching over his head.

Work-wise, FINALLY got to meet with my supervisor. He's still keeping me on redrafting the second chapter :/ I dunno, I'm supposed to have the thesis done for next February, I still don't have an angle for my third chapter, I'm teaching in the upcoming semester on 18th century literature, which isn't really my area, and from what I've heard it's very easy to get distracted with teaching preparation, my funding runs out in September, and I just want it OVER ALREADY, so I can find out what it's like to have a life :P

This is Graduation Ceremony week, so there are people wandering about in black robes and coloured sashes. I love the graduation ceremony. I love wearing robes, getting my picture taken, and then strawberries and cream in the quad ;.; I wish I were graduating already.

Anyway, I should give you a heads-up that I probably won't be on LJ next week. It's the week of the Twelfth - July 12th, when the Orangemen march to celebrate William III whupping James II's ass at the Boyne. In certain parts of Belfast and in some other places, it can get nasty. The last few years have been ok and I doubt anything would happen in the area I'm in, but meh, I'd feel happier at home - or my mum would feel happier if I was at home, which amounts to the same thing. Anyway, important point is, I won't be on the internet as regularly, so try and not have any important crises while I'm gone :)
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Swiped from Skwerlie )

Phew! That took me ages to fill out!


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