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I started using LJ when I was in university. Back then, I posted regularly (so long as it was a term-time weekday, since at home we were mired in the Dark Ages of dial-up). I haven't checked but I'd say it was usually every day. And since I went on to complete a Master's and a PhD, that pattern continued for a while.

Then I left.

And the postings dried up.

Now a bit of that is down to the internet situation at home. We're a slow-adapting household; as far as I recall, we were still using dial-up when I left uni in 2007. So I fell out of the habit of logging in on a regular basis. But the big reasons for the posting drought?

The loss of shared context. And confidentiality.

The latter is pretty obvious - or should be, given all the social media scandals. The former... lemme explain.

Education up to a certain age is compulsory throughout Western Europe and North America. Everybody growing up in those societies, therefore, has been to school at some point. So I could moan about my tutors etc. and be confident that most of you could nod your head sagely and say, "Yeah, I know the drill."

But once you leave the education system and enter gainful employment, that shared context disappears. Bar portrayals on TV or film, I have no freaking clue about the workaday lives of accountants - nurses - warehouse managers - IT technicians - police officers - lorry drivers - civil engineers - insurance staff - stockbrokers - fashion designers - dental receptionists - charity campaigners - town councillors - refuse collectors - fishing crews. And what the hell is a Special Advisor when it's at home?

But work takes over from education as the central day-to-day activity of your life. So if I were to write about my day... well, I'd have to spend some time setting up the context. I would have to explain about ICOS and FTR and what 'pulling the court' means. It's boring and long-winded and likely to end up in TL;DR territory. (Yes, I am aware that this entry is falling into that category too.)


I guess I'm old-fashioned in wanting/expecting my posts to be about my day-to-day life. 'Blogging' seems now to be about passing around quotations, stories, memes, photographs and pictures which originate with other people, not ourselves. Or it's an editorial column, made up of our musings on the topics which interest us. Or it's a reviews column on our chosen form of entertainment, from books to barbells, hardware to handicrafts, singing to sex toys. Or it can be an advertising hoarding for whatever it is we want to promote to the public.

Please note, none of these are meant as criticisms or as a in-the-good-ole-days moan. I'm only observing that social media has shifted away from the "on-line diary" idea that I 'grew up' with, and that I haven't shifted with it. I don't subscribe to Reddit or BuzzFeed or wherever else people get their "Share" links from, and besides, I tend to consume stuff like that and move on rather than telling others about it. I don't write editorials because I know I'm a poor arguer and am not prepared to handle any shitstorm that might result, even if it only fits in a teacup. I could do reviews, I suppose... but do I really read/view enough to justify it? I haven't been to the cinema in years and my TV watching falls into the territory of whatever-will-keep-everyone-vaguely-interested-and-or-entertained-but-not-necessarily-inspire-enthusiasm.


Lack of shared context is also why I'm crap at phone calls. I can't see what the person on the other end of the line is doing/experiencing, so I can't offer any comments on the same to gee the talking along. Once we're done with the obvious hi-how-are-you-this-is-the-news-where-I-am, I run out of conversational steam.

This inability to generate conversation is screwing up my chances with on-line dating too. My opening messages are banal to the point of pointlessness. Ugh.
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...Ok, LJ, what's the craic with loading up, only to vanish? I can see the content while the page is loading but the minute that bar hits 100%: poof! White screen. It seems the only way to stop it is to stab at a command as quickly as possible, such as "Post new entry". But when I try to read my friends list, I'm not pressing any commands, just scrolling through, so it vanishes >:(. If this is how the Russians are going to play it, I'm gonna get pissed...
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TL; DR: I am not dead. My place of work is closing and I am stressed. Also, I don't come on the internet much, 'cos reasons.

The longer version )

I need to go; supper's ready.


Jul. 25th, 2014 11:24 pm
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Wow, so much posting by everybody!

Teddy: your ducks are awesomely cute. Good luck with the new eggs.

Marzi: D8>>> Dang, girl, look after yourself!

Eed: I MISSED NAKED CHAOS DAY!!! Stupid hen party and last-minute searching for a safari animal costume... (Also, bunched-up panties - where did you get the reference for that? Aaand do they also have references for other pieces of clothing getting removed/partially removed?... >_>)

Jill: the murder mystery night sounds awesome. And hey, I'm 34 and I haven't ever managed to move out of my parents' house! So don't be too down. (University doesn't count cos I was home at the weekend.)

Moonbug: ouch, hope your back gets sorted soon.

Dava: not-Lego shark made me smile during a long and boiling hot day in the office.

Wildshadow: I hear you on the brain thing *hugs* I'll be praying and thinking of you.

Sunny: hugs and prayers and thoughts to you too :(

Jellostar: wow, something is making Gypsy more settled! Maybe it's feeling like she has her own speshul place that is just hers and hahah no one else can get into it it's all MINEZ!

Sparky: working with members of the public is the worst. I've worked in public-facing roles all my life and I'm not sure why, because I don't consider myself a natural people person :( *hugs* I hope that you find some peace soon.

Err... everyone else: stay as crazy as you need to be, in order to be normal. (That made sense in my head, anyway.)
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... WTH, LiveJournal?! A little warning would be appreciated. :( I don't know if it's because I'm on an iPad (so many sites look and operate completely differently and more awkwardly on a tablet), but the menus are frustratingly minimalist. And none of the go-back/exit/close features are responding. Damnit I only came here to read my Friends page, I didn't want to have to guess how to get there!

Also, why is everything so huge? I wear corrective lenses already, folks, I don't need the large-print version!
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According to the new stats on my home page, my LJ is at number 1 003 632 in the Top LJ blogs list.

...Really? I didn't think I was that popular. I expected to be down at the two-and-a-half million mark at the very best.


Yesterday I listened to a man demanding to get an ice-cream for 45p. The sign displaying the prices was supposed to read £1.45, but the £1 bit had dropped off or been removed. Technically, yes, the stand had to sell him the ice cream for 45p, since that was what the sign said, even if it was incorrect. But the man banged on so much about "this is my right," "I know my rights," that I got thoroughly sick of him. It was an ice cream; that's not a right, it's a privilege - an extremely rare privilege, which he only has access to because he happened to be born in the right culture at the right time.

He got his ice cream eventually - for a long time the guy manning the stand couldn't believe that he was being serious about the whole thing - and it was only after I had walked away that I realised that what I should have done was to walk up the counter and slap down a pound coin myself. And if the man wittered on any more about his "rights", I should have told him, "You also have the right to remain silent. Please exercise that right."

...I hate only knowing what I should have done after the whole thing is over.
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What on earth is wrong with this computer, and why won't it let me have multiple windows open at the same time?!?!? *beats it up* And remember those "zero-sized reply" error message I got when I tried to post stuff on LJ. Yeah, they only happen when I'm on the university computers. I don't get this at all.

And this is particularly annoying because I was in a really good mood. There are a lot of content, happy people on my friends list right now, so that makes me feel wonderful. There are a few people who aren't feeling so good, and to them I send my hugs/prayers/thoughts/delete as to which you feel most comfortable with.

Pride and Prejudice was WONDERFUL!!! Such a lovely, lovely movie: so pretty and funny and romantic and sweet. I think I'm half in love with Darcy myself *starry eyes* I went last night with Sveta; she'd never even heard of Pride and Prejudice before. The cinema was packed, and people were "awww"ing at all the sweet parts and "oooo"ing when Darcy was a jerk and laughing out loud at all the funny parts. :DDDDDD It just put a huge grin on my face. Even though I knew what was going to happen, the story was wonderful and I loved every minute of it. Sveta loved it too, though she found some of the dialogue very hard to follow and I had to explain to her why Lizzie turned Darcy down the first time and why everyone thought him proud and unlikeable. And Darcy got wet!!!! Albeit in a rainstorm rather than a lake, and he kept most of his clothes on, but wet Darcy!!!! <33333333333333333 Although the guy playing Bingley reminded me of someone, and I didn't realise until afterwards that it was Little Cook Small from the kids' show "Big Cook, Little Cook", so I now have a terrible image in my head of Bingley riding a flying wooden spoon >.< Sveta was convinced that Wickham was being played by Orlando Bloom, which I knew he couldn't be cos there would have been a great fuss made if he had been in this movie alongside Keira again.

See, talking about Pride and Prejudice has cheered me up again :)
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I had a dream this morning, starring Michael J Fox and Jennifer Grey in a Back to the Future-esque story. Fox was playing a Ferris Bueller-a-like little brother to Grey's character. Grey's character wasn't as uptight as the one she had in Ferris Bueller though, and they seemed to be taking the same classes together. Anyway, their classroom gets struck by a bolt of lightning, with Fox at ground zero, and both Fox and Grey find themselves transported to four days ago. In addition to the time travel, they work out that they've also been transported to a parallel world, in which Grey's character exists but not Fox's. Cue lots of stealing cars, hiding in shower cubicles, wearing disguises, fleeing the police, making money by pretending to be a band promoter, problems with identity cards, and tracking down birth records. It was fuuuuuuun :)

Did any of my (limited number of) British friends watch How to Start Your Own Country last night? This show is insane!! Danny Wallace is trying to discover how possible it is to, well, start your own country. He's declared his London flat an independent state and himself as King Danny (I) XDDDDDDD He is currently recruiting citizens at http://www.citizensrequired.com.

[Edit]: Is anyone else getting a "Zero content" message when they try to do certain things in LJ, like post a comment, log in or log off? I've been getting it for a couple of weeks now. Everything usually works fine if I hit the back button and do it again, but it's pissing me off.

[Edit 2]: And now "one or more" of my tags "don't exist". Pluh?!

[Edit 3]: Itty oblivious Luke is luv.


Jun. 9th, 2004 02:56 pm
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When I edit an entry after posting it, I take it that the entry does not repost on your friends list? Just wondering because I sometimes edit my entries two or three times, usually on very minor points, and I don't want to block up anyone's friends list.
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FINALLY I get off my ass and get a user pic lol! Happy now, Eed? ;P It's pretty accurate, except I'm not that pretty and my eyes are grey, not chestnut. So there you go.

(Stolen from Teddy, who stole it from Spoosh, who stole it from violetstarshine. Here's the link: http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml)
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So you surround your username with the HTML tags < font size="7" color="(username)" > < /font > aand...


I'm... puke-green?

Thanks a lot, LJ.


In other news, my little sister Amy got 64% in her first practice transfer test :DDDD She da smart cookie! And her teacher sent one of her poems off to some competition. Awww! Following in her big sister's footsteps ::tear::
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Ooooh! This is niiiiiicccce. *Settles in* It's all velvety and maroonish and decadent-esque. Makes me think of deep fur throws and satin bed sheets, heheh >:) And I like my title change *looks pleased* Aww, I love Eed. She makes me feel speshafull!

Was phoning some landlords last night, and I may have found an apartment on Ulsterville!!! I walk past it all the time, so I stopped this morning to have a good look at it. It looks sound enough from the outside, and it has nice large windows, which means high ceilings, which means it should feel pretty roomy, yay! Ooh, ooh, and it has a little balcony-type thing! *Ska-wheel!* (:DDDDDDDDD You can crawl out the window and sit on top of someone else's window lol! It'll be £210 a month, which isn't so bad; I won't begrudge them the extra tenner if it's a good place. And damn, will it be easy to move to! It's just round the corner and up the road a bit.

The only thing I didn't like about the outside was that it didn't have any fence/hedge/wall to enclose the front yard, but meh, I can live with it, it's the top floor apartment so the lack of something to hide behind is not my problem.

I promised myself I wouldn't get too excited in case the inside is completely shitty, but it looks so nice from the outside, and the area is good, and it's just so damn convenient all round, that I can't help getting my hopes up.

On a completely different note, I lost another unique interest, "19th century britain" to some girl. But I'm ok with it this time, cos I replaced it with another unique interest: "joe pantoliano's sexy hat!" >:DDDD
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[What just happened?! I had an entry almost written and all of a sudden, it disappears and I'm looking at Sparkler's last journal entry! All I did was touch the roller button on the mouse.]

So. I'm going to meet Mark's nurse for the first time today. We're going to view the flat on Wellesley Av. It's actually next door to the place I used to live.

Yeah, I'm anxious about it. I don't know this girl at all. We know about each other only at third hand - Mark knows someone who knows her. And there's only the two of us, so I'm thinking, that's pretty intense living arrangements. I'm used with groups of four or five. With just two people, I hope we don't start banging each other against the walls.

At some stage, I want to interrogate her Twenty Questions-style, to try and worm out any possible conflict areas before we actually move in together. I don't want her thinking I'm this horribly blunt person (I'm not; if anything, I tend to repress and not talk about things), but I'd rather learn whether we could annoy each other now and make some kind of arrangement to circumvent it. I think she's already a little alarmed by me. I talked to her on the mobile for the first time yesterday, and I was like, "Well, yes I'm looking for a house, I heard about you through my brother, I've already got a couple of possibilities here, when would you be available for viewings, I'll get it all arranged." And she was kinda like, "...Oh. OK. You sure you're alright with this?" I don't want to scare her off any more than I have to, because (a) I have to share with someone, there's no way I can afford to rent on my own and (b) if I lived on my own, I would go nuts. The bad kind of nuts, the certifiable kind of nuts, not just my usual nuts, which I am all the time anyway and which I rather enjoy.

"Conflict areas." I sound like a marriage counsellor! *bangs head against the desk*

Oh, and here's that thing I nicked from Sparkler:

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?

#You want to suffer and show me you're angry
Fight with your fists up, or call for your mommy


You change your shoelaces
I light firecrackers
You step on the sparks#
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And all I got was a T-shirt and a neon yellow coat with a pointless compartment at the ass, which none of us could work out what it was for.

Before you ask if I ran the Marathon: ROFLAMO NO!!!! And if you thought that, clearly you don't know me that well. :)

No, I was a Race Official. And I have the coat and T-shirt to prove it! I handed out cups of water to the runners/relayers/walkers, and I was pretty damn good at it, if I do say so myself. If it wasn't a voluntary position, I might consider making a career out of it. Belfast Council called Joanna in on a favour; they gave her money for her football competition (soccer, that is, to you Americans, who think football is something you play with your hands), and in turn they wanted her to get a team together for a water station. So yesterday I was up at a quarter-to-eight (soooo early! *dies off*) and off to the Winemark on Stockman's Lane (unfortunately shut for most of our stint there), to enjoy the delights of orange buckets, green gloves, and the sight of some 6000 people all running at me at once (ahhhhh!!!).

Och, it was fun, a great laugh. It took me a while to get used to the hand-over technique; I screwed up several times near the beginning (which means I screwed up with the "serious athletes", oh crap O.o) and the cups just spilled all over the ground, but then I started getting really rather good. Several of my hand-offs were so smooth, the water barely juddered in the cups *looks smug*. The weather was good, thankfully. We did have two rain showers, one before the race and one during. The first shower, we sat in the cars and let it blow over, and the second was over pretty quickly, besides which we were all too busy with the mass of runners coming past us to pay much attention. I also roped in two random children to help - well, they volunteered and I told them to go ahead. I was posted at the last table so I had a pretty easy time of it. Poor Joanna and Jennifer get everyone coming at them at once.

The only bad result is that my left shoulder blade doesn't like me now.


Buying The Well of Lost Plots has reawakened my book-buying compulsion. I've just been to Waterstones, and purchased:

Sunshine Robin McKinley
Only Forward Michael Marshall Smith
One of Us as above
The War of the Flowers Tad Williams
Perdido Street Station China Mieville (first e has an accent on it)
also The Blue Day Book Bradley Trevor Greive

I have no idea where I'm going to put them. My book drawer is full.

I've been feeling really creative recently, like the storytelling in me is bursting out at the seams. Delaying it and putting it aside only makes it more impatient. The flood gates opened last week when I indulged myself in a little media res writing before going to bed. I didn't get to bed until 5am. And for a piece of writing that wasn't supposed to be anything but a snippet, coming from nothing and leading nowhere, I now have so many ideas for continuing it into almost a proper story, and am constantly revising one scene which I've already written. Gah! I need more hours in the day!

::Edit:: What the heck is going on with LJ's typeface? It keeps changing to Helvetia. O.O


::Edit 3:: *Discovers that, for some reason, LJ thinks she doesn't want auto-formatting and corrects that mistake*

::Edit 4:: That's better now!
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Going to Ruth and LJ's tonight to watch my shows so I don't get gurned at.

Feeling oddly disconnected from things. Probably been on the net for too long. *rubs eyes* Tired. It's not like I haven't been sleeping. I have. Probably too much.

What on earth does "exanimate" mean, anyway? Is that even a real word? I have a weird feeling it should have a "d" on the end of it, "exanimated". You talk about being "animated", not being "animate". "Animate" is the verb, right?

Y'know, that "current music" thing is really no use to me. All the computers I use really belong to someone else (university, James, home), so I'm never listening to music when I'm online.

Need to buy portable CD player. With headphones which hook behind my ears, so they don't fall out.

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This involves RL people that nobody here knows )

Birthdays and other situations of stress )

So that was yesterday, and I got all my TV shows safely taped (thank you Ruth!), and today, I just worked.

Oh yeah, I was trying to get one of those cartoony icon-things that all the world and his wife have, cos I figured, "Hey, it'll be easy!" But no. Not easy. The image loaded as bitmap and I have no idea how to put it into jpeg; I couldn't figure out how to resize the image to the 100x100 frame; hell, it took me about 5 minutes to work out how to get rid of the rest of the images to leave me with just the face >.<

I'm so computer-illiterate.

My cartoon was cute, too :(

Edit: Hi [livejournal.com profile] nefermoon! :)


Feb. 4th, 2004 09:24 pm
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What is up with LJ that the writing on the page is overlapped onto the blue bar? Anyone else getting this?

In other news, finished Dickens and the Broken Scripture today. Eh. I don't think it's been helpful. Lotta crap about dialogic subtexts and unstable allusions and ironic tensions between texts. You know that you should worry when they use the word "text" like that. BIG red warning light.

Ankle is itchy. I don't have any bandage on it today. Mum made me put the tubigrip back on yesterday. I was using a lamp stand to help me put the tubigrip on without having to haul it painfully over my foot. Eh? Lamp stand? Further explanation herein ) Anyway, one of the legs broke, which means I have no pain-free way of getting the tubigrip on any more. And Rhonda doesn't like pain. So the tubigrip is definitely off for good.

Skip if you can't stand whinging ^.^ )

La Femme Nikita schtuff )

Ok, I'd better go now. Wasted enough of my parents' money on phone bills.
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So here it is: my LiveJournal. Took me a while, but I got here.
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