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Yay for hayfever! And yay for what-the-hell-I-can't-even elections! Seriously, wake me up when the world starts making sense again because Western European civilisation currently appears to be having a meltdown. Ugh, Arlene Foster was smug enough before this happened; now she thinks she's the key to the stability of the whole UK. You couldn't whistle her a better tune - pity about the rest of us. If it wasn't actually happening, I'd think it was some crazy dystopian satire. Jake O'Kane and Colin Murphy on The Blame Game will be loving it, though, glorious comedy material.
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...Ok, LJ, what's the craic with loading up, only to vanish? I can see the content while the page is loading but the minute that bar hits 100%: poof! White screen. It seems the only way to stop it is to stab at a command as quickly as possible, such as "Post new entry". But when I try to read my friends list, I'm not pressing any commands, just scrolling through, so it vanishes >:(. If this is how the Russians are going to play it, I'm gonna get pissed...
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Disclaimer 1: the text below is copy/pasted from my Amazon.co.uk review, currently awaiting approval. In case it doesn't get through, I'm putting it here because if I don't spew somewhere, I'll just brood on the bloody thing.

Disclaimer 2: I did not (thank God) buy this book; it was borrowed from the library.

Sidenote 1: I also checked the reviews on Amazon.com. None of them raise any of the points I've made below, either. In fact, the book is sitting at 4 1/2 stars! And numerous reviewers talk about liking Shaw, even wanting him to be real! What. The. FUCK.

TL;DR: the author expects us to accept a bully and an abuser as a "romantic hero" and view his controlling behaviour as not only reasonable but as a sign that he truly cares about the heroine. She also reinforces the myth that "No" secretly means "Yes": that when a woman shows signs of physical attraction to a man, but nevertheless expresses a wish NOT to have sex with him, it is ok for him to continue making sexual advances, including the use of physical force, until he has worn her down - and that this does not count as rape. Offensive and misogynistic.


If you think you can stomach the full rant, then here it is )

I will not be reading any other works by this author. I can't say if the above is a blip or something which is embedded in all of her writing, but I'm just too enraged to find out. Other potential readers may wish to try a different novel by her, but I would strongly warn them off of this one.
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Does anyone else feel queasy when they hear Elle Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" or Beyonce's "Crazy In Love", because of their connection to a certain half-century-long spectrum of an intermediate achromatic colour? I really liked "Crazy In Love", and I know that if it had been released without the abovementioned association, I would have liked the creepy/slowed-down edit even more. (I have a thing for creepy "love" songs; the only Justin Timberlake songs I can stand are "Cry Me A River" and "What Goes Around".) "Love Me...", I can't be sure about, since it has never been unconnected with the variety of ashen tones, but my suspicion is that I would have thought of it as an ok tune: not one that would grab my attention but I might sing along unconsciously to the chorus.

I haven't read the books; I wasn't interested in them before they went OMGPublishingphenomenon! and after hearing complaints of bad writing and unease over the central characters, I was even less interested. On the principle of that non-interest, I will not be seeing the movies, either. So it's really disturbing to find that it is damaging my enjoyment of media which I am interested in!
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The working week just eats my drawing time...

Sketchy Sunday 48 photo SketchySunday48_zps01885a7b.jpg

Photobucket's share links still won't let me copy/paste them (>:8) but I found the easy linking mode and that seems to work, so...

Tuesday's woman has been left without irises and pupils because I like her that way, she looks like a classical statue. Also, figure skaters get themselves into some weird positions. Her arms are obscenely long in comparison to her body...
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Damnit. I was going to post a whole string of Sketchy Sundays but Photobucket is being a complete div and I can't copy/paste any of the image links!!! DX< So here are the direct links instead:

Week 43: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday43_zps23be01cb.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6

Every time I draw a guy's lips, they always come out so damn girly. Mind you, the guy in the reference had very girly lips to start with.

Week 44: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday44_zpsdf20bea2.jpg.html?sort=3&o=5

Studies in preparation for a... certain something *mysterious thing is mysterious*

Why is it, that when I go looking for references for certain poses, I can never find exactly what I want? I think I need to hire a pair of life-models to pose for me.

Week 45: Ok, so there is a bit of this which might possibly be considered NSFW, I can't decide. There's no genitalia on show and the atmosphere is sweet rather than sexy, but they are both naked, so I'm erring on the side of caution.

The most definitely SFW stuff first: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday45SFW_zps9e945262.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2

I am well aware that the hand in the hair is grossly out of proportion to the head. I have learned my lesson: if drawing a hand holding something, sketch in that something first before sketching the hand!

And then the I-don't-think-it-is-but-others-might NSFW: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday45possNSFW_zps35bf89bd.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3

I think this may be the cutest thing I've drawn ever. It gives me the warm fuzzies every time I look at it (:) I know he's missing a thumb, btw; unfortunately, I didn't notice it until after I had stuck a piece of sellotape over it, trying to repair a rip in the page, so I couldn't correct it >:(

And with all pieces for Week 45 together: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday45_zps20fc8050.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4

Week 46: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday46_zps7926f5a1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1

You know the trouble with working from references? You end up wanting to do references all the time, and not actually making up stuff yourself. So I tried to avoid references for a while... and it turned out all pathetic *sigh*

Week 47: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/rhondacrockett/media/Sketchy%20Sundays/SketchySunday47_zps661e210c.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

The ear studies are not all from reference; I was playing around, seeing if I could make it up, while at the same time surreptitiously studying the ears of my sister, my dad, the people on TV...
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... WTH, LiveJournal?! A little warning would be appreciated. :( I don't know if it's because I'm on an iPad (so many sites look and operate completely differently and more awkwardly on a tablet), but the menus are frustratingly minimalist. And none of the go-back/exit/close features are responding. Damnit I only came here to read my Friends page, I didn't want to have to guess how to get there!

Also, why is everything so huge? I wear corrective lenses already, folks, I don't need the large-print version!
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Ok, so Rhonda was a bit silly last week and turned over two pages in her doodle diary instead of just the one - and then didn't notice what had happened until the end of the week (>.<) So last week's doodles appear on the pages for this week. In light of this, I've decided to hold off and put up both weeks' worth as one post next Sunday.

To be honest, this week's pictures are crappy. After the high detail of week 18, I had no enthusiasm for anything; hell, there's one day where all I've drawn are wriggly lines!!!
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 photo SketchySunday12_zps31c768c6.jpg

This past week has been something of a bust. I haven't been sleeping well so I skipped a lot of nights. Thursday, Friday and Saturday/Sunday were actually only drawn today. -_- And I didn't do any drawing on Monday either; my burlesque girl was all done on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aaaaand I just noticed that Thursday has her fist on the wrong way round. (>.<) I did this last week with Wednesday's arms..
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Sketchy Sunday 10 photo SketchySunday10_zpsce94a953.jpg

Another 'meh' week. Ever feel like a day needs to be longer than 24 hours, so you can fit in everything you need/want to do properly? Yeah, that's my life at the minute. I really need to sort out my time management...

Anyway, the only one I'm happy with is Wednesday - and I just noticed that her arms are on backwards (>.<). Also, the proportions of her shoulders and hips are weird.
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Sketchy Sunday 9 photo SketchySunday9_zps1b9a90f5.jpg

Eh. I'm not that happy with anything this week. They all feel... unfinished. Messy. Due to other stuff which took up my time, Tuesday's and Wednesday's sketches were actually done on Thursday, while Friday's ended up swallowing Saturday/Sunday's space, so I didn't do any doodling yesterday. I just couldn't get settled to anything. I was sketching from reference/real life models and I think I got bored and a little frustrated that I couldn't make things look like how they really look. Bah.

I am rather proud of my nostrils from Monday, though:

Sketchy Sunday 9 - nostrils photo SketchySunday9nostrils_zps160071b6.jpg

And the cat on Thursday is kinda awesome. But it lacks... something? Stripes? But the cat I was modelling it on is solid black. :(

PS: if anyone can identify the dragon/seal thing from Friday, I would be most grateful. It's a toy I picked up some years ago in a charity shop. The bottom is marked "(c) 1995 L.G.T.I"; it contains a battery and if you press hard enough on the shell on its chest, the jewel on the chest and the shell on the forehead light up (just). The one I've got has a lilac body and sea-green hair. There was another one which was pink, which I paid for and then found when I got home that it had been left out of the bag. >:(
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Decided to do something a little different this week...

Sketchy Sunday 6 photo SketchySunday6_zpsad3b20ca.jpg

Instead of a different doodle/sketch for each day, I did two big ones. Monday to Wednesday, I worked on the warrior woman, then Thursday to Saturday, I worked on the archery man. I tried to do the whole sketch-a-series-of-shapes-and-then-draw-on-top-of-them thing that art instruction books are always telling you to do. I've never liked doing it; there's so much erasing to be done afterwards which always dirties the page. :/ But I understand the concept, that it allows you to see where the best line is so you don't make an even bigger mess. And with these larger pictures I wanted to get it right.

Remind me never EVER to draw forward-facing feet again! -_-' Normally when I want a reference, I take a quick look at myself - like, with the archer's fist on the bow, I made a fist myself and turned it round to face me, so I could see how the knuckles, fingers and thumb worked. But you can't look at your own feet face-on, not without a full-length mirror, which we don't have. After trying to work it out in my head, I gave up and did a Google image search. Even then, finding a reference was difficult; most pictures of feet are either from the top or the side. I'm still not sure if the warrior looks like she has her feet flat to the ground or like she's standing on tiptoe.

The archer suffered the most from eraser-smear; the bow, the arrow, the body armour and the hands were all clustered together and when I made an error on one, I inevitably ended rubbing out parts of the others.

As for the colouring, I have some really crappy colouring pencils that barely give any colour at all and foolishly decided to use them because I didn't want to obsure the pencil lines with too-bright colour. :S

Here are some close-ups of particular details:

Sketchy Sunday 6 - Woman's face and spear head photo SketchySunday6womanshead_zps7cf97903.jpg
Sketchy Sunday 6 - Man's face photo SketchySunday6manshead_zps5775ab1c.jpg
Sketchy Sunday 6 - Holding the bow photo SketchySunday6manshands_zps893d543b.jpg
Sketchy Sunday 6 - Lion shield photo SketchySunday6womansshield_zps5436c07a.jpg
Sketchy Sunday 6 - feet photo SketchySunday6feet_zps53c77f03.jpg
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...I've had a reminder tonight of exactly why I left academia. Writers' group was supposed to be holding a poetry writing workshop. It turned into part-lecture, part-tutorial about poetic theory, the nature of meaning and the audience-as-author, with a little bit of biographical/historicist material for good measure. Roland Barthes got mentioned >.< I was so angry; we did only two practical writing exercises, neither of which were particularly inspiring or interesting (one was that old "write one line and pass it on" chestnut) and ugh the woman just talked and talked and talked *rolls eyes*

At least it made me appreciate what my writers' group is usually like. Everybody is down-to-earth, talks like regular human beings, and is focused on the practicality of actually writing rather than this airy-fairy literary theory guff. So glad that I'm part of the Tuesday night group; the guy who brought up Barthes goes to the Monday night group and the others who go on Mondays also strike me as being prone to "academic" pretensions.
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According to the new stats on my home page, my LJ is at number 1 003 632 in the Top LJ blogs list.

...Really? I didn't think I was that popular. I expected to be down at the two-and-a-half million mark at the very best.


Yesterday I listened to a man demanding to get an ice-cream for 45p. The sign displaying the prices was supposed to read £1.45, but the £1 bit had dropped off or been removed. Technically, yes, the stand had to sell him the ice cream for 45p, since that was what the sign said, even if it was incorrect. But the man banged on so much about "this is my right," "I know my rights," that I got thoroughly sick of him. It was an ice cream; that's not a right, it's a privilege - an extremely rare privilege, which he only has access to because he happened to be born in the right culture at the right time.

He got his ice cream eventually - for a long time the guy manning the stand couldn't believe that he was being serious about the whole thing - and it was only after I had walked away that I realised that what I should have done was to walk up the counter and slap down a pound coin myself. And if the man wittered on any more about his "rights", I should have told him, "You also have the right to remain silent. Please exercise that right."

...I hate only knowing what I should have done after the whole thing is over.
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I am not allowed to visit TVTropes.org ever, ever again. I just wind up rabbit-holing for ever through the links, and when I'm finally forced to stop - by, say, the battery in the laptop going dead - I feel horrible about all the time wasted. So, yeah - not going near it again :(
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Grrrrr. Trying to get information - calendar notes, to be precise - from an old mobile/cell phone. I have the sim in, I have the battery charged, but the damn thing just will - NOT - turn - on!!!
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52 054 out of 100 000.

I suppose I should be happy that I'm writing at all. Sorry, folks, I'm fed up with being down and tired and "not in the mood".

I've decided that, as February is a short month, I'll run on into the first two days of March.

I've spent most of today looking for a list I made of books I would like to read. I thought I had left it somewhere safe - but it's not there, and I can't find it. It's pissing me off because there's no way I would remember all those titles and authors on my own.
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So, the snow I was talking about earlier thawed before I could take pictures...

But then, on 13 December, it snowed again! And snowed and snowed, and then froze and kept freezing...

Basically Britain/Ireland/a whole chunk of Europe is buried in snow and the coldest weather I have EVER experienced. The lowest I noticed on my car temperature gauge was -15.5 degrees Celsius - which, for all you folks working in Fahrenheit, is 4.1 degrees (at least, according to the internet convertor I just found on Google. Our house is dripping with icicles. ICICLES - a couple of feet long. I have never seen icicles of any length in real life before. Our dogs and cats are being kept inside the house at night.

I have pictures this time. Unfortunately, they can only be uploaded to one PC in the house - which is currently refusing to connect to the internet *cries* (There is only one PC in the house - the rest are Apple Macs and the software for the camera is not compatible with Macs *sighs*) Don't worry, I'm getting my more computer-savvy brothers on the problem.

So, CHRISTMAS! :D This was my last day of work before Christmas. We have tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday off as public holidays, I'm back in for Wednesday through to Friday, 3rd of January is another public holiday and then I'm off from the 4th to 7th January.

The office Christmas party got cancelled because of the snow. There was supposed to be over twenty going; only nine made it to the venue. I was one of the absentees. From the chat of the others about last year's party, it could have been fun. But they've promised to rescheduled for January/February time.

I have bought all the presents I'm giving (I hope - I'm relying on other people getting stuff on my behalf). And... that's pretty much all I have to say right now...
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Day 17: 30 317 out of 50 000
Day 18: no change
Day 19: no change
Day 20: 32 400 out of 50 000
Day 21: no change
Day 22: 33 155 out of 50 000

Yeah, I've fallen behind again :( And I can't get into it this evening. I've been feeling impatient and down all day. In work today I just wanted to knock people's heads together; I couldn't be bothered with their crap :( Bah! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

[Edit]: So they got back to me about the job. Yeah, I didn't get it. And because they got so many applications, there will be no feedback offered :6
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My ankles have been itching for the past four days. The need to scratch is so bad it's waking me up in bed. And my left ankle also looks swollen. It's very annoying. Like job hunting is very annoying too. Damn employers, turning me down/not getting in touch. I am the most brilliant worker you will ever have! How can you not employ me?!?

So, yeah, otherwise life is spectacularly uninteresting.

I love being subscribed to the Bookseller mag! I get all these previews and upcoming publication dates, and I stick 'em all on my mobile phone calendar so I never forget about an interesting book hahah!
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