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I started work again this week, and I'm glad to be back. Different people, places to do, tasks to do, and other subjects of conversation than the practicalities of Life After Dad and people asking how we're coping. Home was getting claustrophobic - but if it feels that way to me, when most of my family was around, I don't know what it's gonna feel like for Mum when Amy goes back to uni and she's left in the house alone. Sure, us three girls will be back every weekend; the boys, too, are making concerted efforts to come home more often; and all of us will be in contact every day by phone, WhatsApp or text. But that's not the same as having someone physically there, coming and going every day...
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To everyone who sent me condolences, sympathies, thoughts, prayers: thank you.

We got the body back a lot quicker than we had expected - the postmortem was waived - and the funeral took place on Friday. A funeral is hardly an occasion for taking photographs but I kinda wish I had, just to show you the waves upon waves upon waves of people who turned up. Neighbours and work colleagues and men who knew my dad in his youth, as well as friends of my siblings and family... The queue of cars following the hearse; the police controlling the traffic to let the cort├Ęge out on to the main road, saluting the hearse as it passed...

And now to pick up all the practical pieces in the aftermath.


Happy New Year, folks.
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My dad is dead.
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Christmas is almost on top of us and I still have to get presents. I'm starting to panic because I have no idea what to get them...
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So. Update.

These days, I tend to access the net by tablet rather than desktop computer. Which is great for speed but awkward when you want to type something, say, an email or a blog entry. The way sites appear on tablets keeps changing and not always in a more user-friendly manner (Outlook, I'm looking at you). And trying to log off LiveJournal is an exercise in frustration as the drop down menu repeatedly refuses to open and I keep getting sent to my Recent Entries page. Hence, quietness.

I actually prefer using a desktop. A mouse and a proper keyboard are marvellous inventions. Using the desktop, however, leads to a whole day vanishing with me in my room doing... not very much as it happens, apart, perhaps, from getting a headache.

I should probably buy a laptop or lapbook or whatever they're called now but I was brought up not to 'waste' money on 'luxuries' like the latest model of gadget unless they were absolutely, totally necessary. Or unless someone else bought them for me. (Which is partially why I'm still using a pre-paid phone when everyone else in my family has switched to contract.) I am a late adopter - so late, it's a wonder I can operate in the 21st century at all.

It's annoying.

New job. Well, initially it didn't turn out to be all that new. The powers-that-be decided I should do the exact same work that I was doing, just in a different place. I was not a happy bunny but met with the usual 'business needs' bullshit. BUT. The new workplace has a greater variety and number of job posts available; three transfers came up in quick succession and third time, it seems, is the charm. I now have an actual, new, I've-never-done-this-before job. Although I suspect I got it because I was the only one who applied... but hey! New job! :D I am much happier.

Other news. I love living in the city again. I was born and raised in the country and don't get me wrong, I'm quite content there, but I love the city-life too. I love the streets, I love the bustle. I love the walking, the public transport, the sense of convenience: that you can just hop on a bus or train or walk out of the door and go somewhere. I love that sense of being surrounded by people, even if they are strangers who don't talk to you.

I still need to arrange a social life outside of work, though. It's a little too easy to come home at night and veg out with my sister in front of the TV...
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My youngest sister, who is studying computer games design, is currently on an internship year. The company CEO flew over this week from the US to take part in a 'town hall meeting' (which is like an office meeting but bigger). And at the meeting they revealed that they weren't there to just talk at them. Oh no.

They had booked the Odeon Cinema for a private showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



I'm in the wrong job.
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Our iPad is cursed. Excuses, excuses )

This is why I haven't been commenting or posting or otherwise in touch. So's you know.

I was going to talk about Prague but it seems so long ago now. Thoughts boil down to:

- Czechs seriously need to learn how to signpost better.
- Google Maps is awesome - we would never have found our way around without its guidance on the public transport system.
- Said public transport system is also awesome and stunningly cheap. You can buy a ticket that lasts three days and covers travel by the metro, trams and buses.
- It's a very relaxed city. The crowds are just as thick as they are in London but no one seems to be in a rush or like you're getting in their way.
- It is also kinda skeazy. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of very pretty buildings around, all cream walls and red tile roofs. But right next door, you'll find one in obvious disrepair or walls scrawled with graffiti. I've never noticed so much graffiti in any other city before, not even in London. There are also some brutal-looking blocks left over from Communism, which really jar with the Art Nouveau influences elsewhere.
- The souvenir shops sell cannabis lollipops and novelty condoms, which I thought was very odd, until Saturday night came around and we saw all the stag parties. Light bulb!
- Amber and garnet jewellery is everywhere.
- Czechs love love love their meat.

Going to see my sister Sharon in Boston - that's the Boston in England, everybody, sorry - the week after next and looking forward to it soooooo much.
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I was in Prague there from Wednesday through to yesterday, which is why I haven't been about. Full thoughts will have to come later as my mum wants me downstairs with everybody else, instead of sitting in my room on the computer on my own, which is fair enough, I suppose...
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Yes, I know it's not Sunday but I can't wait until the end of the week to share these!

Sketchy Sunday Blast from the Past 1 - sharpened photo 38d57193-a5a6-4183-a376-f51f7e4fe0e8_zps501152c1.jpg

Sketchy Sunday Blast from the Past 2 photo Lipsy_zps350a7943.jpg

My sister Amy found these when she was clearing out the cupboards in her room yesterday. Oh man, 2001, thirteen years ago; these pictures have just hit the awkward teenage years. Ok, Ice Crystal has horribly deformed shoulders and upper arms, and he's, ah, rather snug in the crotch area (o.O'). Lipsy, meanwhile, has impossibly tiny feet with insanely long legs, and her bust is set way too low, it's halfway to her belly button lol. I couldn't draw a horse's head face-on, that's why they're both looking awkwardly to one side - they'd have a terrible crick in their necks if they were real.

...Lipsy's shorts are awesome, though. I'm really pleased with the shorts. ^.^
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In a rush, away to Lisbellaw for wedding rehearsal, long ass way to go, wedding on Monday, see yous all soon!
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Hmmm. Reading an on-line article about recognising the symptoms of depression, scrolled down to the comments, and got the weirdest feeling of deja vu when I came to the last comment on the page, could've sworn that I had seen it somewhere else last week... except I couldn't have, because it's all about the death of Robin Williams...

On a different note, my parents and I are sitting here in telephone conference with Philip, groom-to-be, trying to puzzle out what version of "Be Thou My Vision" we think has the nicer lyrics/has the easier rhythm for a congregation. Every now and then, we'll burst into song to try it out. I think we'll end up with our own pick-and-mix version.
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The hen weekend was... a mixed bag, but it ended on a good note so I'm telling everyone that I enjoyed it. And I have multiple family members in hospital: an uncle with not one, not two, but three different infections due to treatment he was receiving for his kidneys; an aunt with ischaemia and diaorrhea; and the groom-to-be, my brother Philip, with a broken nose after riding his bicycle into the back of a car and going through the back window! (>.<)
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I'm skipping posting this week; I will also miss next week as it's my brother's fiancee's hen party next weekend. So I'll see you back here in a fortnight's time. :)


Mar. 27th, 2014 09:05 pm
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I've spent all my evenings this week at home alone. I can watch what I like, read what I like, do what I like.

... It's been rather boring. And I'm not doing anything much different from what I would do if mum was at home. I am no party animal and I don't socialise easily; I'm generally a loner. But I'm generally a loner who has people around her. Being ALONE-alone is unsettling and demotivating.

March has been a weirdly depressing month. Weird because the weather has gotten so much better lately - warmer, brighter and drier - and because nothing obviously bad has happened. But the story I'm writing has stalled, I haven't been sleeping well, and I haven't been happy with my doodles recently.

Watching a lot of music TV isn't helping. See, our dog Lottie like to play tug-of-war but she's very noisy when doing it, so turning on a TV drama or whatever in the background doesn't work. Music TV, on the other hand, is just radio with pictures, so that's what I've been doing. The channels I prefer seem to have turned into semi-permanent My Chemical Romance memorials. I have no problem with My Chemical Romance - truth is, I didn't know any of their music until this week and I have enjoyed what I've heard. But it gets repetitive after a while and then I find out the reason they're playing it so much is cos the band split up a year ago (yes, I am spectacularly out of touch with popular music culture, sue me), so it just becomes sad then...


My brother's wedding plans continue apace. The date is set for the end of August and we've booked ourselves into the same holiday bungalow we had last year. It's a beautiful house and big too - there will be six of us in it, possibly seven. I'm not going to be part of the bridal party which is (mostly) fine by me; at the same time, if I was a bridesmaid, I wouldn't have to worry about what I'm wearing. Yay, formal clothes shopping, be still, my beating heart. -_-'

Remember the stray cat I talked about back in February? The one we were going to get a new home for cos we couldn't possibly take on another pet? Yeah, big shock, we ended up keeping her *rolls eyes, shakes head*. Her name is Maggie. Holly and Ivy are increasingly not impressed at her presence but they'll get used to her, same as they got used to Oliver, and Holly has at least stuck around rather than vanishing as we feared. Lottie thinks she's great, though, because Maggie plays chase with her. :)


Sep. 14th, 2013 12:33 pm
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A few things to give you a little squee this morning :)

First, the sweetest ad on British TV at the moment:

(My favourite parts are when they go swimming with the koi carp, and the octopus and the sheep ^.^)

Secondly, remember how I said my sister Amy was knitting a Minion from Despicable Me?

Minion! 2 resize photo 100_5365_zpse349d4f5.jpg

Didn't I tell you he was adorkable? :DD

Minion! 3 resize photo 100_5366_zps0fb7a26d.jpg

Here's a close-up of the"G" logo on his front pocket. You can also see the ickle individual fingers that Amy made. All this without a pattern; just working from an image she'd taken from the internet. I am so proud of her ^.^
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1. I am off work until Wednesday next week. Yay!
2. I am spending my five days' holidays with my mum and sisters in a very lovely-looking holiday home down in County Fermanagh. Yay!
3. We can take our dog, Lottie, with us. Yay!
4. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be bright with only a few showers and we have packed a picnic for lunch. Yay!
5. There is a dog show on Saturday which is (reasonably) close to where we're staying. Yay!
6. Amy is crocheting the most aDORable little Minion (as in Despicable Me), entirely out of her own head. Yay!
7. Said Minion even has little individual fingers and thumb. The cuteness makes my head explode. Yay!
8. I used a face mask this evening which smelled absolutely gorgeous: blueberries and cranberries and strawberries. Yay! (and hmmmmmm :9)
9. And it made my skin feel beautifully soft and very smooth. Yay!
10. I've spent a lot of on-line time recently looking through Amy Mebberson's Tumblr site, which is full of the most adorable Disney/comics/MLP/mash-up fanart. She's doing the art on the current IDW MLP: FiM comics. Yay!

I am so happy right now :D
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Sitting listening to a debate about which vet to take Lottie to and who will take her and what story we tell (Sharon is paranoid about... something, I don't know, but apparently it means that she can't be the one who takes the dog ugh) and thinking that I should really poke my nose in and prove that, yes, I am alive...

So, yeah, hi.
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1) A dream in which I was stranded with a bicycle in a very empty New York (which looked a lot like the local towns here but never mind), depopulated by a zombie plague, and then I had to eat a lot of chocolate desserts (don't ask; I certainly didn't).

2) Sharon brought me home a cute pen with a wooden chicken head on the end. And it's black ink too! (I prefer writing in black.)

3) While washing up the lunch dishes, Mum let slip that we were going to the cinema as my birthday treat. Sharon's face was a picture!

4) We went to a matinee showing, just like I used to do when I was at uni *nostalgia*

5) We saw Les Miserables and we all cried (except Sharon, who never cries at movies). And Mum loved it too :)

6) We then got take-out for supper. I had chips, peas, gravy and sausages mmmmmmmm...

7) Now I'm planning to go to Belfast tomorrow with Sharon. I haven't been up to the city in a long time; I'm looking forward to it.

So yeah, the wangsty stuff is still around, but I've had a really nice day and just forgot all about it ^.^
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Happy New Year, folks! Hope that the start of 2013 finds you all well. I was hoping to leave a happy Christmas message here back on the 25th, but my brothers were hogging the bandwidth, trying to set up streaming from a security camera they'd bought for Dad, so connection for anything else was unreliable. But I hope that everybody enjoyed their holidays.

Spent Christmas Day reading a certain little tome by the name of Spookygirl :D
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Dunno if anybody else has seen this before...

Myself, I always thought that the best part of fancying a fictitious character was that you could "share" them - both with other fans who fancy them and with all the other characters you fancy. You can squee and swoon without worrying about messy things like fidelity lol! "Marrying" one seems to spoil the point.

NaNoWriMo is once more upon us, and coincidentially, I did actually manage to write some more of Company *shockhorror!* I'm not going to follow their challenge of 50 000 words in 30 days, but I am setting my own challenge to myself here and now: to work on Company for at least an hour, once a week, from now until December. If I can keep this up for two months, I'll have a think again about what else I could do. I've got a week's break coming up later this month, so that'll help out too.

Work is draining and repetitive, like all office monkey work. Occasionnally you get weird, quirky stuff which causes you a headache.

Also, our weather is freezing. I'm wearing gloves to keep my hands warm while working the computer - it makes typing an "interesting" experience.

The elder of my brothers, Mark, has brought his girlfriend home to meet the immediate family. She is lovely and English and called Elaine and she loves Doctor Who and David Tennant, which immediately makes me a fan of her :DDDD
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