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So. Update.

These days, I tend to access the net by tablet rather than desktop computer. Which is great for speed but awkward when you want to type something, say, an email or a blog entry. The way sites appear on tablets keeps changing and not always in a more user-friendly manner (Outlook, I'm looking at you). And trying to log off LiveJournal is an exercise in frustration as the drop down menu repeatedly refuses to open and I keep getting sent to my Recent Entries page. Hence, quietness.

I actually prefer using a desktop. A mouse and a proper keyboard are marvellous inventions. Using the desktop, however, leads to a whole day vanishing with me in my room doing... not very much as it happens, apart, perhaps, from getting a headache.

I should probably buy a laptop or lapbook or whatever they're called now but I was brought up not to 'waste' money on 'luxuries' like the latest model of gadget unless they were absolutely, totally necessary. Or unless someone else bought them for me. (Which is partially why I'm still using a pre-paid phone when everyone else in my family has switched to contract.) I am a late adopter - so late, it's a wonder I can operate in the 21st century at all.

It's annoying.

New job. Well, initially it didn't turn out to be all that new. The powers-that-be decided I should do the exact same work that I was doing, just in a different place. I was not a happy bunny but met with the usual 'business needs' bullshit. BUT. The new workplace has a greater variety and number of job posts available; three transfers came up in quick succession and third time, it seems, is the charm. I now have an actual, new, I've-never-done-this-before job. Although I suspect I got it because I was the only one who applied... but hey! New job! :D I am much happier.

Other news. I love living in the city again. I was born and raised in the country and don't get me wrong, I'm quite content there, but I love the city-life too. I love the streets, I love the bustle. I love the walking, the public transport, the sense of convenience: that you can just hop on a bus or train or walk out of the door and go somewhere. I love that sense of being surrounded by people, even if they are strangers who don't talk to you.

I still need to arrange a social life outside of work, though. It's a little too easy to come home at night and veg out with my sister in front of the TV...
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My youngest sister, who is studying computer games design, is currently on an internship year. The company CEO flew over this week from the US to take part in a 'town hall meeting' (which is like an office meeting but bigger). And at the meeting they revealed that they weren't there to just talk at them. Oh no.

They had booked the Odeon Cinema for a private showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



I'm in the wrong job.
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Cicisbeo (pronounced chitch-is-BAY-oh) - a married woman's male companion or lover.

This is awesome! I didn't even know there was a word for such a thing :D

(I am such a language nerd lol.)
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In other news, my Karen Hallion T-shirts landed yesterday and they are awesome and look so good and I am very happy and I really must get a digital camera that works and doesn't eat batteries like they're Jelly Tots so I can show how cool they look :DDD
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I am FINALLY getting Karen Hallion's Belle and the TARDIS on a T-shirt which is NOT that hideous green which is the only colour it was available in up until now!!!! (I went with the charcoal.) IT IS SO STUPID THE LEVEL OF EXCITED I AM ABOUT A FRICKING T-SHIRT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I also got the Cinderella one in navy because it just looked so good! But Belle's the one I've really been after. She and Mary Poppins are my two favourites of Ms Hallion's Disney/Doctor mash-ups, and I got the Mary Poppins one about a month ago through another site. My collection is now complete *happy sigh*
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Bit later than normal; I've been gathering images for future I Like Mondays, which has taken me most of today. Anyway, here's this week's efforts:

Sketchy Sunday 15 photo SketchySunday15_zps97d4d1eb.jpg

I am AWESOMELY proud of my pegasus! I knew I was giving myself problems with the angle, perspective, anatomy... and it somehow turned looking reasonably realistic. :D My favourite part has to be the initial ruffle of feathers where the wing joins the shoulder. I only added these at the last minute in a desperate attempt to avoid detailing the whole of the wings (which is what I had been trying to do), but still make them look feathery:

Sketchy Sunday 15 - pegasus detail photo SketchySunday15pegasusdetail_zps19143d75.jpg

The actual shapes are very simplistic - just long, pointy-ended ovals with a line up the middle - and I didn't expect it to work at all, even as I was drawing it, but the overall effect is so effective, I had to stop and squee at myself. Still can't quite believe that I came up with it!
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I am Amelia Earhart - Brad Meltzer & Christopher Eliopoulous photo acbe1d92-dac4-4504-a2de-5196150c48df_zps2e54267b.jpg I am Abraham Lincoln - Brad Meltzer & Christopher Eliopoulous photo 5ed04628-9faf-461d-97bd-f2c0e7f33406_zps6195bbd0.jpg

These picture books, written by Brad Meltzer and illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulous, sound adorable - look at Lincoln and his ickle beard!! Images are taken from this entry in Neil Gaiman's blog where you can also find out some more about the books themselves.

On a slightly different note, learn some of the traditional names for each month's full moon as given by the Algonquin tribes of the northern and eastern US. So evocative; I particularly love the Strawberry Moon :D

(Please note the article was published in 2012 and all dates and times for full moons are in reference to that year. I came across this info via the Astronomy Picture of the Day website.)
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"Hello Lovely Scientist..."

Seriously, if this doesn't make you squee, you are clinically dead or maybe a particularly hardline Vulcan XD
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Neil Gaiman really really looks like Charles Dickens. I'm serious, it's kinda uncanny...

Also, this is an awesome picture. Although I'm not convinced that something quite so rainbow-coloured can be discribed as "steampunk".


Mar. 20th, 2013 09:02 pm
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I went with my mum to see Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty at the weekend. Yes, this is the Matthew Bourne who did the all-male Swan Lake. Sidebar: actually, it's not all-male; I watched a recording of it on TV and there are plenty of women in the cast, including the main roles of the Queen and the Girlfriend. Also, the central love affair is not so much homosexual as it is bestiality; the Prince has a nervous breakdown in the middle of a park and falls in love with an actual swan (or the vision of one - it's hard to tell with the Prince what's real and what's hallucination).

ANYWAY! Back to the Sleeping Beauty - it was brilliant! Spoilers ahead )

And the baby - every review I saw on-line mentions it, so this doesn't count as a spoiler - the baby Aurora is the most adorkable rod puppet, which crawls around the servants' feet and sits up in her crib, shaking hands with the fairies, and tries to climb the curtains at one point :DDDD

The music was pre-recorded, which I was surprised at. At first, I thought that maybe Bourne had gone with some extended symphonic version of the score and it simply isn't possible to fit a proper symphony orchestra into most theatre orchestra pits. But apparently it was done to cut costs so they could spend on the costumes and set designs (which are deliciously lavish, btw). The recording was fine, and I've been to a ballet with recorded music before so I didn't mind. Still you kinda wonder what a live orchestra might have added. I also thought that there was more plot and action - i.e. the entertaining bits - in the first half than in the second; the latter had a few too many atmospheric dreamscapes where nothing much was happening apart from half-nude men in white leggings...

But altogether, Mum and I had a great time!

Sidebar on the Rose Adagio )

...I think too much about these things, don't I? #^.-#
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1) A dream in which I was stranded with a bicycle in a very empty New York (which looked a lot like the local towns here but never mind), depopulated by a zombie plague, and then I had to eat a lot of chocolate desserts (don't ask; I certainly didn't).

2) Sharon brought me home a cute pen with a wooden chicken head on the end. And it's black ink too! (I prefer writing in black.)

3) While washing up the lunch dishes, Mum let slip that we were going to the cinema as my birthday treat. Sharon's face was a picture!

4) We went to a matinee showing, just like I used to do when I was at uni *nostalgia*

5) We saw Les Miserables and we all cried (except Sharon, who never cries at movies). And Mum loved it too :)

6) We then got take-out for supper. I had chips, peas, gravy and sausages mmmmmmmm...

7) Now I'm planning to go to Belfast tomorrow with Sharon. I haven't been up to the city in a long time; I'm looking forward to it.

So yeah, the wangsty stuff is still around, but I've had a really nice day and just forgot all about it ^.^


Dec. 8th, 2012 02:06 pm
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Sorry I know you guys can't see this, but there's a FOX out in our neighbour's field, in broad freaking daylight, just wandering about, having a sniff :DD There are a handful of cattle in the field; they're just grazing on, foxes don't worry them. I suspect it may be after their dung; I know dogs will eat calf- and cow-dung, foxes probably do too.

2 o'clock in the afternoon. Brilliant.
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We have a new doggie! She's a wire haired fox terrier puppy and we've called her Lottie :) Sharon got her as a companion for when she has to go out at night. She is completely adorkable and I will try to get and post pictures.

She has behaved herself very well around the cats too, although both Holly and Ivy have retreated in a huff to their personal sanctuaries (for Holly, the dining room; Ivy, upstairs). Oliver has stuck around but he's not a hundred per cent sure about her yet.

In flight

Oct. 16th, 2012 11:44 pm
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This past weekend, I happened to look up from my computer just in time to see a buzzard skim low across the back field and then, with two lazy flaps, rise into a tree and land. I raced downstairs to grab the binoculars and get a closer look.

Oh, it was beautiful: broad-chested, marked in brown and black bars against white, with a vivid yellow bill and eyes. It skulked among the leaves, wings hunched, looking around nervously. And with good reason; after a few minutes, two magpies arrived and started hassling it, hopping about the branches. (Sidebar: I'm rather fond of magpies - except when they start making that smoker's-cough noise in the early morning outside my window.) The buzzard bore it for a while but then it just dropped from the tree and flew away, low to the ground.

I wish I could have gotten some pictures but (a) I didn't know where my camera was and (b) it doesn't have a good enough zoom to take a shot at such a distance (I was viewing all this through the kitchen window). But it lifted my heart to see such a lovely and unexpected sight. I love watching birds in flight. The elegance, the control, that sharp silhouette of wings and tail. And when they're flocking, the way they wheel and glide, rise and fall in eerie, rippling coordination, makes the hairs on the back of my neck rise. We live in an amazing and lovely world, and (at the risk of sounding like one of those slighty manic/creepy Christians) I am very grateful to God for that.
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And snowed and snowed and snowed... Proper, puffy, powdery, sparkly, deep deep deep snow! Well, ok, it's maybe not that deep in comparison to, say, Alaska, but it is deep for around here. I came out to find a whole foot-and-a-bit of snow sitting in a square block on my car roof.

...Problem is, it snowed all last week too, on and off. And then it froze. And then it sleeted a bit. And then Saturday and yesterday, it turned to solid ice. So now there is snow on top of ice. Not the greatest of driving condition. By the time I got home from work, my back ached from the tension.

But kicking it around the yard and tossing handfuls into the air is fun :D The world looks beautiful, buried in pure glittering whiteness, the dark lines of the trees and the soft rounded humps of snow. (You're gonna have to imagine this cos I haven't taken any pictures... yet.)
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50 246!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

*cue Hallelujah Chorus, 1812 Overture, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony... you get the idea*


Oooooooh, man! Saturday and Sunday, I thought for sure I would NEVER make it in time. Sorry I haven't been keeping you updated on progress but I simply didn't have time; I was spending every spare second I had, furiously trying to bring my word count up!

*collapses again*

For the record, the novel is not finished. I'm only at chapter 14! But that's an amazing achievement - Company of Ravens has been stuck at single figures for YEARS. Word counting is obviously the way for me to go. And yes, I do intend to finish it. I will take a brief break from writing - I didn't get my chapter-by-chapter outline finished before NaNo began and I will do that now - but then, I'll pick another word target, another time period and to quote Dorey, 'just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming...'

I will post later with my word counts leading up to today and a deeper analysis of the whole experience. Right now, I need lunch.
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Got a text from a friend just now, asking me how I was getting on. I replied:

"Working like a dog! If a dog could read and type and was allowed in the library."

Just occasionally, I can come up with a witticism like that, and it makes me feel actually clever. *smirks and preens*
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Text message from my lil' sister Sharon:

"What do you call that stuff to treat that stuff we get in our hair when it's on your face?"


In other news, Rhonda wishes to expand her LJ horizons! Recommend people you reckon I ought to friend! (Ohmigosh, I just used "friend" as a verb! The English language is mutating before my eyes!)


*happy sigh* I love the Olympics
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