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Merry Christmas, folks. I hope that 2016 gave you some happy times, and any sad ones ended quickly. And may 2017 be better again. Cheers :)
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Christmas is almost on top of us and I still have to get presents. I'm starting to panic because I have no idea what to get them...
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Happy Christmas, folks. And a merry New Year. See you in 2016, God willing *hugs*
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Merry Christmas, everyone! :) And a happy New Year.
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I haven't posted in a while. I could tell you I'm tired from work, suffering from lack of inspiration and currently have a cold that's hanging and hanging and hanging around. That's all true. I could also say that I'm not even ready for Christmas; I haven't done any gift shopping. (Not proper gift shopping - you know, going to actual shops. On-line just doesn't count.)

But the actual truth is? I'm lazy. Which is also why I'm not ready for Christmas.

Ok, sooo - hope everyone is well and more ready for the holidays than I am :)
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Hope you have a day filled with the best things of life: love, laughter, peace, comfort and hope. (Yes, I know it sounds sappy-sweet; it's Christmas!)
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Ever heard of getting 'brained'? And if not, what other term might you use for getting struck on the head?

Today is dark and miserable. We have yet to put up any Christmas decorations at home, and it's alarming to realise that it's only two weeks away D: I haven't done any Christmas shopping at all; I'm basically paying a share in presents which other people have bought. The atmosphere in work is still wretchedly toxic, which isn't helping me to get in the holiday spirit :(
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Happy New Year, folks! Hope that the start of 2013 finds you all well. I was hoping to leave a happy Christmas message here back on the 25th, but my brothers were hogging the bandwidth, trying to set up streaming from a security camera they'd bought for Dad, so connection for anything else was unreliable. But I hope that everybody enjoyed their holidays.

Spent Christmas Day reading a certain little tome by the name of Spookygirl :D


Nov. 16th, 2011 04:55 pm
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*sniffles noisily* I am ver' ver' sick. I'm dying with the cold. My sinuses were on fire last night and my whole face ached: my head, my eyes, my teeth - even my cheekbones ached. Seriously, my cheekbones. Whoever heard of having pain in your cheekbones? Stayed home from work today, and just feeling grotty and grubby and all-around miserable.


And Christmas is coming, and I have no idea what I'm going to get anybody and I have no idea what I want anybody to get for me :(
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So, the snow I was talking about earlier thawed before I could take pictures...

But then, on 13 December, it snowed again! And snowed and snowed, and then froze and kept freezing...

Basically Britain/Ireland/a whole chunk of Europe is buried in snow and the coldest weather I have EVER experienced. The lowest I noticed on my car temperature gauge was -15.5 degrees Celsius - which, for all you folks working in Fahrenheit, is 4.1 degrees (at least, according to the internet convertor I just found on Google. Our house is dripping with icicles. ICICLES - a couple of feet long. I have never seen icicles of any length in real life before. Our dogs and cats are being kept inside the house at night.

I have pictures this time. Unfortunately, they can only be uploaded to one PC in the house - which is currently refusing to connect to the internet *cries* (There is only one PC in the house - the rest are Apple Macs and the software for the camera is not compatible with Macs *sighs*) Don't worry, I'm getting my more computer-savvy brothers on the problem.

So, CHRISTMAS! :D This was my last day of work before Christmas. We have tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday off as public holidays, I'm back in for Wednesday through to Friday, 3rd of January is another public holiday and then I'm off from the 4th to 7th January.

The office Christmas party got cancelled because of the snow. There was supposed to be over twenty going; only nine made it to the venue. I was one of the absentees. From the chat of the others about last year's party, it could have been fun. But they've promised to rescheduled for January/February time.

I have bought all the presents I'm giving (I hope - I'm relying on other people getting stuff on my behalf). And... that's pretty much all I have to say right now...


Feb. 12th, 2009 08:57 pm
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I am alive! And I have *drumroll please* broadband! Yay! I am now part of the twenty-first century. :DDD

I've had broadband since last Friday, but between my mum, my little sister, going to the ballet and needing to take a shower, this is the first night I've been able to get on it lol. My mother is officially an addict.

Oh, and the ballet? Well, you know you're getting old when you prefer Classic FM to Radio 1, and I'm getting old fast. I'm a complete newbie to classical music - sang somebody's Requiem when I was in senior choir, can't remember whose, that was as close as I got - but I guess that, like comics, I've had a curiosity about it for a long time and now the curiosity has grown to the point where I'm getting involved.

I went to see Sleeping Beauty and it was lovely. I didn't wince half as much as I expected ("ow, my toes, ow, my toes"). Also, the king and the doctor were hot >:D. There was a while when I was kinda hoping the doctor would get the princess. The king and queen should have had more dances of their own - the queen was very pretty and I wanted to see her dance more.

Work is... well, work. We've got a guy on our team who has put a number of backs up. It's part clash-of-personalities and part Tony-please-just-shut-up. If it's just the two of us, I can rub along with him, but when you add in others - Mary in particular - things get badly strained. She can't stand him and the feeling seems mutual. Then he complains to others in the office (oh such a bad idea), which leads to all kinds of gossip and hush-hush meetings.

My trick for dealing with all this is pretend none of them exist the second I walk out the office door *sigh* I keep thinking about the line from Kate and Leopold: "I'm tired, and I need a rest, and if I have to peddle a little pond scum to get one, then so be it."

(BTW, Jill, my other little sister, Sharon, is completely in love with this movie and has addicted her best friend to it too *cackles evilly*)

Still doing web reviews for Waterstone's; actually, a new set of books arrived from them today, including Helen Garner's The Spare Room, the one the publisher kicked up stink about when it wasn't included in the Booker list. I did want to read it, so it's great to get it for free :D

Errrrrr... oh, Christmas! Great Christmas! Lots and lots of Wii games were bought (most of them by me, for I left it late and had no imagination this year). I got a new handbag, which I call my Mary Poppins bag; everything fits in it. And long-legged socks, which have been a godsend in this freezing weather we've had recently.

...Ok, can't think of anything else to say... except that The Dark Knight rocks and Heath Ledger was a genius :( And apologies for not putting all this spew under cuts but I've completely forgotten how to do them, and will have to go re-educate myself >.
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Happy New Year! (And belated merry Christmas too. Auntie, I got your CD, thanks! My favourites are the Jerry Lewis and the "toilet-humour" ones lol!)

Yeah, so nu-job does not give me the ready internet access that I had in old-job (poot!) and it's an earlier rise (double poot), so I actually need to go to bed soon and won't be checking my friends page (triple poot!!). I nearly didn't get on tonight what with cables being in the wrong sockets and stupid plugs not being turned on and arrrrgghh.

Christmas was lovely - I got £50 worth of Waterstones gift cards so Rhonda was very happy ^.^ And nice other stuff too; I can't recall everything, but there was a jumper and chocolate and a giant Rainbow Dash and DVDs involved (Bleach and Transformers squee!).

Ah ah, but then my oh-so-wonderful/idiotic brothers (delete according to how you feel about the ridiculous price jacking) produced... a Wii! Which pretty much put everything else in the shade. I say this as someone who tends to watch rather than play computer games (see interests list), but I love it. Wii Sports? Genius! Especially the bowling because I can score strikes on it (I am shit in real life). And Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is great fun - for watching; I'm not playing it - yet lol.

Anyway, that's all the news from Planet Rhonda - oh, and I had a very successful day sales-shopping yesterday, even if half the stores in the town were closed *glareglare* Lots of lovely clothes for work and looking pretty *preen* Ok, that really is it now...
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Well, here I am - last day in a job I've had for three weeks. On Monday I'll be starting in the new job. I've got no idea whether I'll have internet access at the new place; the people here have been pretty relaxed about me playing around here but the County Hall might be stricter - and busier.

I have precisely zero Christmas shopping done! And no cards sent out either *hangs head in shame* I've been so caught up in other stuff. So apologies, those of you who may have sent me stuff, my reciprocation will probably land with you in January!
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Don't adjust your screens - it's meant to be black and white )

(If you knew the blood, sweat and tears that went into getting this one photograph on Photobucket... GRARGH!)

Hope everyone had a good yesterday! And that this doesn't kill your computers. (Note to self: learn if there are any resizing features bar "crop" on this computer.)
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Dalriada school Christmas Fair tonight! Which means stupid games and crappy tombolas and loads and loads of toys and books yay!! And possibly ponies *crosses fingers* I'm feeling lucky since Mum picked up a Beautiful Bows at the weekend. I don't know what we're going to do when Amy leaves Dalriada and we have no one to tell us when the fair's going to be.

I'm being very unimaginative this Christmas and just getting everyone gift cards/vouchers, except for Mum and Dad, who have specifically requested that I get them a picture to hang in their bedroom. Doesn't sound that hard, but then you've never tried to please my dad. Plus my mum likes pictures in which things are happening ie. it's got to have people in it who are in the middle of doing something, not just models posing, and in this minimalist age when the "art work" available for the home is just patterns of colour or still lifes, that's proving hard to find. Certainly there's nothing appropriate in Belfast. We're gonna go shopping tomorrow and see what we can find in Ballymoney. If I thought my mum would like Jack Vettriano, I'd see about getting her a print but I'm not sure how comfortable she'd be with some of the sleazier undertones to his paintings, and I'm confident my dad would hate it.

Yesterday's tutorials were awful. (A), the weather was terrible so quite a few people didn't show up and (b), I was absolutely exhausted from getting my chapter revision done and couldn't think straight. Thank goodness for module assessment forms, which took up the last 20-15 minutes of class.
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