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Do you still think that way about me now?

This British girl IS cool! -- evildeadpony

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Still I get this feeling,
No one will believe me
When I let these ghosts outside my head

- "Cheer Up Boys (Your Make-Up's Running)" by the Foo Fighters

"my mind is literally full of naked men and fuzzy kitties ;D" - evildeadpony

Rhonda is a real girl who secretly wishes she was a fictional character called Perdita, because Perdita has a much more exciting life than she does. However, if you are interested in her actual, boring life, feel free to add to your friends list. Just let her know because she freaks out easily.

Interests (85):

18th and 19th century, angel, astronomy with my brothers, banter, batman, being a classical-music newbie, being a comic-book newbie, bleach, books, buffy the vampire slayer, charles dickens, christianity, chronicles of thomas covenant, classical civilisations, comic book geekiness, comics, crushing on fictional characters, csi all flavours, david tennant, difficult quiz shows, discworld, doctor who, emma frost, envying concise interests lists, fantasy, female assassins, firefly, harry potter, heroes, history, hotel babylon, house, imagination, jack vettriano, jake 2.0, jasper fforde, jim butcher, kelley armstrong, kidult books, la femme nikita, life on mars, lilo & stitch, mad and vivid dreams, mary sues, mastermind, mega-mega crossover fics, mew mew power, movies, my imaginary harem, my little pony, mythology, neil gaiman, newbie geekdom, not acting 26, other people's quirks, passing-on-my-obsessions-to-the-next-generation, science fiction, scrubs, second-hand information, sexy javert, sfx magazine, stephen donaldson, story-dreaming, surviving my phd, sydney carton, telepathy & related powers, television, terry pratchett, the dresden files, the name perdita, the west end, thursday next, top gear, trivia, unique interests, university challenge, vampires, wannabe-geekiness, watching others play computer-games, women of the otherworld, wonder woman, writers, writing, x-23, x-men
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