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Sketchy Sunday 59 photo Sketchy Sunday 59_zpsh4bfc2p4.jpg

Ugh, clothes! I hate clothes. If I could draw penises, I think I'd have everyone in my pictures naked. Clothes are waaaay too complicated. Ugh, the amount of erasing I did on those damn jeans :(

... Mind you, they haven't turned out half-bad. And I am obscenely pleased with my T-shirt sleeves. And my hands! My hands are awesome! :D
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I am sick. I've been sick all weekend. I've barely eaten or drunk anything. My immune system really needs to get its finger out and get on top of this shit.
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This is not finished...

 photo Sketchy Sunday 57_zpsx5oy2gzr.jpg

(Also, I know this looks a lot like Skinner Sweet from American Vampire, but it's not. Ok? Apologies to Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, nonetheless.)
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Hmmm, I'm having a pretty uninspirational year art-wise :/ Just cannot work up the interest at the minute...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - doodle shapes photo Sketchy Sunday 56a_zpsufnwp1fx.jpg

Doodle-scribble-shape things...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - deer head photo Sketchy Sunday 56b_zpsglnmtuha.jpg

...crappy disembodied deer head (except that it looks more like a cow's head, really, a deer's head is snout-on, not forehead-on >.<)...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - profile person photo Sketchy Sunday 56c_zpsfcuegzvo.jpg

...a depressed, blank profile-person...

Sketchy Sunday 56 - plant & mask photo Sketchy Sunday 56d_zpsk1jsv78u.jpg

...and a plant with some... thing hanging over it.

*le sigh*
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Just the two, I'm afraid. I've gotten badly out of the habit of daily/weekly drawing...

Sketchy Sunday 55 - wolf photo Sketchy Sunday 55A_zpsliqoz2ve.jpg Sketchy Sunday 55 - sword photo Sketchy Sunday 55B_zpspqtc4veu.jpg

The wolf was drawn without reference and yes, I'm aware that the mouth is at an odd angle. The sword is supposed to be made out of one piece of metal - that's handle, crossbar and all. I haven't got the 3D look right, though... eh.
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Cicisbeo (pronounced chitch-is-BAY-oh) - a married woman's male companion or lover.

This is awesome! I didn't even know there was a word for such a thing :D

(I am such a language nerd lol.)
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Yeah, so I finally finish the 2014 diary in July 2015... who says I don't know how to procrastinate?

Sketchy Sunday 53 photo Sketchy Sunday 53_zpshydt5nrd.jpg

And now for my new, blank-paged, not-divided-into-days book:

Sketchy Sunday 54 photo Sketchy Sunday 54_zpsycnrp2br.jpg

This is just to show you how I hope to use the pages. I won't be posting all-pictures-at-once scans like before; the 2014 diary was a slim-line pocket book and this one is A4-size.

Sketchy Sunday 54 - self portrait photo Sketchy Sunday 54A_zpssfpzhjci.jpg

So instead, I'll be posting individual pics as so. Self-portrait! Adapted from an old, old photograph (2005!) which was taken in Madame Tussaud's in London.

And then a dragon and a wyvern, just because:

Sketchy Sunday 54 - small dragon photo Sketchy Sunday 54B_zpsztmglmec.jpg Sketchy Sunday 54 - wyvern photo Sketchy Sunday 54C_zpsp1npb3zc.jpg
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Happy Independence Day to my friends in the former colonies ;)
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Our iPad is cursed. Excuses, excuses )

This is why I haven't been commenting or posting or otherwise in touch. So's you know.

I was going to talk about Prague but it seems so long ago now. Thoughts boil down to:

- Czechs seriously need to learn how to signpost better.
- Google Maps is awesome - we would never have found our way around without its guidance on the public transport system.
- Said public transport system is also awesome and stunningly cheap. You can buy a ticket that lasts three days and covers travel by the metro, trams and buses.
- It's a very relaxed city. The crowds are just as thick as they are in London but no one seems to be in a rush or like you're getting in their way.
- It is also kinda skeazy. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of very pretty buildings around, all cream walls and red tile roofs. But right next door, you'll find one in obvious disrepair or walls scrawled with graffiti. I've never noticed so much graffiti in any other city before, not even in London. There are also some brutal-looking blocks left over from Communism, which really jar with the Art Nouveau influences elsewhere.
- The souvenir shops sell cannabis lollipops and novelty condoms, which I thought was very odd, until Saturday night came around and we saw all the stag parties. Light bulb!
- Amber and garnet jewellery is everywhere.
- Czechs love love love their meat.

Going to see my sister Sharon in Boston - that's the Boston in England, everybody, sorry - the week after next and looking forward to it soooooo much.
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Another .1 sketch. I've had a number of things on my plate these last few months.

Sketchy Sunday 53.1 photo Sketchy Sunday 53.1_zpsxtvejyhz.jpg

I keep finding new things I need to practice! I've had shoes, I've had hands, I've had hair, now I need to work on crotches lol.
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I was in Prague there from Wednesday through to yesterday, which is why I haven't been about. Full thoughts will have to come later as my mum wants me downstairs with everybody else, instead of sitting in my room on the computer on my own, which is fair enough, I suppose...
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Sketchy Sunday 52 photo Sketchy Sunday 52_zpssjw74x9y.jpg

Just one week left in the diary now!

I dunno what it is about hair; when I initially finished these studies, I thought they looked wretched, but when I come back to them, they're actually pretty decent. Well, except for the plait one, it's still a mess >:P
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Disclaimer 1: the text below is copy/pasted from my Amazon.co.uk review, currently awaiting approval. In case it doesn't get through, I'm putting it here because if I don't spew somewhere, I'll just brood on the bloody thing.

Disclaimer 2: I did not (thank God) buy this book; it was borrowed from the library.

Sidenote 1: I also checked the reviews on Amazon.com. None of them raise any of the points I've made below, either. In fact, the book is sitting at 4 1/2 stars! And numerous reviewers talk about liking Shaw, even wanting him to be real! What. The. FUCK.

TL;DR: the author expects us to accept a bully and an abuser as a "romantic hero" and view his controlling behaviour as not only reasonable but as a sign that he truly cares about the heroine. She also reinforces the myth that "No" secretly means "Yes": that when a woman shows signs of physical attraction to a man, but nevertheless expresses a wish NOT to have sex with him, it is ok for him to continue making sexual advances, including the use of physical force, until he has worn her down - and that this does not count as rape. Offensive and misogynistic.


If you think you can stomach the full rant, then here it is )

I will not be reading any other works by this author. I can't say if the above is a blip or something which is embedded in all of her writing, but I'm just too enraged to find out. Other potential readers may wish to try a different novel by her, but I would strongly warn them off of this one.
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Ugh, I've been horribly undisciplined about drawing these last three, four weeks. TV, reading, writing and general laziness got in the way. All I have for week 52 so far is this:

Sketchy Sunday 52.1 photo Sketchy Sunday 52.1_zpsblxbfthq.jpg

Hair practice! When I initially finished this, I wasn't happy with it but looking at it now, it's much better than I thought :)

I am determined to finish this diary!
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As in week 45, I am sorta hovering between marking this as NSFW and not. The original reference was definitely NSFW lol, but I cut it off at waist height...

Eh, better safe than sorry - enter at your own risk><a href= )

I had to make up his head, and her trunk and the hand underneath his arm, since in the original reference they were just a big black shadow. Shadows are the enemy; they hide way too many important things. For instance, I know his wrist and hand are weird, but that part is so drenched in darkness that I'm left to my best guess as how it should look. :(
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No more Discworld. No more wise, crazy, laugh-out-loud antics from Vimes, Granny, Moist, Death or Lord Vetinari. It's over. He's over.

Plenty of people will be more articulate on this person than me: people who knew him, friends, families, colleagues, people who were a part of his life and he was a part of theirs, in person. I didn't know him, never met him. But I know the stories. And the thought of there being no new ones... I mourn for all the parts of the Disc which we will never see now.

(It sounds selfish to mourn a man's death by saying, "What am I supposed to read now? ;_;" But that is the first thing I thought about - there will be no more Discworld - and I'll bet I'm not the only one. And there's The Long Earth series as well, though Stephen Baxter may continue that on his own.)
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Does anyone else feel queasy when they hear Elle Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" or Beyonce's "Crazy In Love", because of their connection to a certain half-century-long spectrum of an intermediate achromatic colour? I really liked "Crazy In Love", and I know that if it had been released without the abovementioned association, I would have liked the creepy/slowed-down edit even more. (I have a thing for creepy "love" songs; the only Justin Timberlake songs I can stand are "Cry Me A River" and "What Goes Around".) "Love Me...", I can't be sure about, since it has never been unconnected with the variety of ashen tones, but my suspicion is that I would have thought of it as an ok tune: not one that would grab my attention but I might sing along unconsciously to the chorus.

I haven't read the books; I wasn't interested in them before they went OMGPublishingphenomenon! and after hearing complaints of bad writing and unease over the central characters, I was even less interested. On the principle of that non-interest, I will not be seeing the movies, either. So it's really disturbing to find that it is damaging my enjoyment of media which I am interested in!
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Getting there...

Sketchy Sunday 50 photo Sketchy Sunday 50_zpsdf33nzoo.jpg

I can't decide if Mr Man's nose is too big or if his body's too long, but there's something off there. I do like his crotch, though >:)

Also, I need to practice hair...
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Sketchy Sunday 49 photo SketchySunday49_zpsa2363969.jpg

Yeah, I know the limbs and perspective are weird. I really like the way the hands/front paws turned out, though :)
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