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So. Update.

These days, I tend to access the net by tablet rather than desktop computer. Which is great for speed but awkward when you want to type something, say, an email or a blog entry. The way sites appear on tablets keeps changing and not always in a more user-friendly manner (Outlook, I'm looking at you). And trying to log off LiveJournal is an exercise in frustration as the drop down menu repeatedly refuses to open and I keep getting sent to my Recent Entries page. Hence, quietness.

I actually prefer using a desktop. A mouse and a proper keyboard are marvellous inventions. Using the desktop, however, leads to a whole day vanishing with me in my room doing... not very much as it happens, apart, perhaps, from getting a headache.

I should probably buy a laptop or lapbook or whatever they're called now but I was brought up not to 'waste' money on 'luxuries' like the latest model of gadget unless they were absolutely, totally necessary. Or unless someone else bought them for me. (Which is partially why I'm still using a pre-paid phone when everyone else in my family has switched to contract.) I am a late adopter - so late, it's a wonder I can operate in the 21st century at all.

It's annoying.

New job. Well, initially it didn't turn out to be all that new. The powers-that-be decided I should do the exact same work that I was doing, just in a different place. I was not a happy bunny but met with the usual 'business needs' bullshit. BUT. The new workplace has a greater variety and number of job posts available; three transfers came up in quick succession and third time, it seems, is the charm. I now have an actual, new, I've-never-done-this-before job. Although I suspect I got it because I was the only one who applied... but hey! New job! :D I am much happier.

Other news. I love living in the city again. I was born and raised in the country and don't get me wrong, I'm quite content there, but I love the city-life too. I love the streets, I love the bustle. I love the walking, the public transport, the sense of convenience: that you can just hop on a bus or train or walk out of the door and go somewhere. I love that sense of being surrounded by people, even if they are strangers who don't talk to you.

I still need to arrange a social life outside of work, though. It's a little too easy to come home at night and veg out with my sister in front of the TV...

Date: 2016-11-02 01:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jellostar.livejournal.com
LJ is not user friendly on anything, really, but a desktop or laptop. Everything else seems like one giant headache of doom. I don't know how people do it using the net on their phones. That seriously baffles me. No, thank you. Pretty sure things can wait until one can get to their computer.

A laptop seems like it would be a good idea for you. Allow you to hang out with family, if you want to, and still lets you do what you want online without a lot of hassle or frustration. Know I am loving the fact I can actually be downstairs with family, when I want to be, and still be able to play around online if I want to too. Much nicer not to be tied to a desktop and kind of just stuck and cutoff from everyone if I don't want to be.

Huge congratulations on the totally new new job! :D I'm glad you are happier too. That's wonderful.

You know being in the city where one can walk around like and go places to do things seems like it would be really pretty sweet. :)


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