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So. Early Tuesday morning last week, our internet hub got fried in a thunderstorm. We got a new hub set up just on Monday past.

What I really missed about the internet was (a) the news and (b) having something to do if there are no other available activities of interest (also known as 'timewasting'). Otherwise... I was ok with it.

Another thing I came to realise: at school, especially in adolescence, I didn't talk much*. Instead, I sat on the edges of conversations and listened to the others. It was my way of belonging. I use the internet in the same way; I 'listen in' on what's being 'said' but I rarely respond and even more rarely speak myself. And I still get that sense of belonging... but now, no one else sees me sitting at the table.

And I know the above sounds depressing but I'm not depressed. I'm more, "Oooh, so that's why!"

* I'm still a pretty poor conversationalist in real life; it's something I'm working on.

Date: 2016-06-17 06:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jellostar.livejournal.com
*squishy hugs* Always good to see you around. You are missed when you don't post.

I kind of did that too. Was my way of getting a feel for those around me / sort of getting to know them before putting myself out there more. Guess it was kind of my way of protecting myself from getting hurt.


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