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TL; DR: I am not dead. My place of work is closing and I am stressed. Also, I don't come on the internet much, 'cos reasons.

I am not dead.

I am, however, a little distracted. Since it has been officially announced by the relevant government department, I can say in a public entry that my place of work is to be shut down. Don't panic, nobody is about to become 'unbusy'. The official plan is to move the staff to another office within the same area. Said other office is a significantly longer travelling distance for most of our staff, including me. There are also issues with accommodation. The other office is a more recent build and has the most enormous foyer - but the actual workspace is limited. The staff office feels crowded as it is, never mind when us lot and all our paperwork land. (Architects: big, airy hallways are all very well for making an impression on visitors, but they're not where the actual work gets done. Can you please give us some room in which actual work can get done? Yes?)

There are other proposals afoot about where staff could go, but for the time being, none of those are definitely going to happen. The move to this other office? Definitely going to happen. The end of June/beginning of July has been suggested. I know, I thought that was abnormally fast for a government department too, but it indicates how detemined they are that this closure is going to happen.

So, yes, that has been taking up space in my mind, demotivating and dragging down my mood. Especially this last week; seriously, do not want another week like that again, ugh.

Also, I'm not on the internet as much anymore. At university, I would pop into one of the computer suites on campus. Now the only hard-drive computer in the house is the one in my bedroom. To use it, means I retreat from my family, from the activity of the house, which then makes me feel lonely and low. Then I've got people shouting upstairs, wanting to know what I'm doing, probably rolling their eyes at my time-wasting. And my bedroom is cold during the day. When we got our first iPad, I had a prolonged surge of activity. But it broke several years back and I got out of the habit. We recently got a new iPad, but I've barely used it.

And I don't really have any reason to get back into the habit. I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, or whatever the newest 'r' is. There's here, of course, and a couple of email accounts. But the latter are taken up by subscription e-letters from retailers and magazines; I have no personal email at all. So I only need to check them maybe once, twice a month. Then I lurk and skim-read here, or read a few other blogs I like. But it's all very passive, non-essential, time-wasting stuff.

I need to go; supper's ready.
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